Reporter Mirror “I want to go home” Levy’s ‘high praise’ persuaded by Son Heung-min… The Boot Room “Tottenham would have been much worse without Son Heung-min”

Tottenham fans lash out at chairman Daniel Levy. He scolds him harshly, saying that he is responsible for not only his ultra-conservative attitude toward player transfers, but also the championship drought. Recently, even a slogan called ‘levy out’ has appeared.

However, he is also evaluated for doing one thing that is praised. That is the recruitment of Son Heung-min.

Levy personally flew to Germany and recruited Son Heung-min, who was playing for Leverkusen in the Bundesliga.

That was in 2015. Son Heung-min has since grown into a world-class player at Tottenham. He has become an indispensable presence in Tottenham.

However, Son Heung-min also had a crisis. After wearing the Tottenham shirt, he hated the Premier League. he wanted to leave

However, Chairman Levy persuaded Son Heung-min. Son Heung-min, who stayed at Tottenham at Levy’s persuasion, became the league’s top scorer last season. He also reached 100 goals in the league.

At that time, a British journalist, Mirror, praised Levy, who persuaded Son Heung-min.

“When Son Heung-min first arrived at Tottenham, he hated the Premier League and wanted to go home.” “I did a great job of convincing him by saying he would do really well on the show.”

“After that,메이저놀이터 Son Heung-min started to improve, and his English improved in his second season,” added Lewis.

The Boot Room said: “This is Correspondent Lewis’s high praise for Chairman Levy. Heung-Min Son has been an amazing player at the club. The fact that Levy persuaded him to stay is huge because he helped Tottenham so much. He deserves praise for staying.”

He continued, “Levi made some mistakes along the way, but Son Heung-min became Tottenham’s favorite. Without him, the club would certainly have done much worse than they did”.

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