`Will Gimpo, Gwangmyeong, Guri, Hanam, Goyang, and Bucheon be incorporated into Seoul? Actively promoting ‘Mega Seoul’

Kim Ki-hyun, meeting on transportation measures in the metropolitan area… “Conclusion that it is desirable to incorporate Gimpo into Seoul”

“Push for exemption from pre-tat as soon as the Gimpo extension plan for Seoul Subway Line 5 is decided” On the

30th, the People Power Party decided to actively pursue this at the party level in relation to the request for Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do to be incorporated into Seoul. There is analysis that this is a strategy to win next year’s general election by incorporating cities around Seoul, such as Gwangmyeong, Bucheon, and Goyang, in addition to Gimpo.

The party is expected to push for the enactment of a special law to make this happen after consulting with the government, collecting opinions from Gimpo citizens and reviewing feasibility. However, if the relevant procedures are followed, the timing is expected to be after the general elections next year.

Representative Kim Ki-hyun said at a meeting to prepare transportation measures for a new city in the metropolitan area held at the Gimpo Hangang Vehicle Base in Gyeonggi-do that day, “We concluded after an internal review of the party that it is desirable to incorporate Gimpo into Seoul.”

Representative Kim said, “The western part of Gimpo has a large land area and is next to the sea, so if done well, it could become the ‘second Pangyo’. Once Gimpo land is secured, it will be able to play a role in correcting bias in the overall development of Seoul.” He said, “The economic zones in the Gangseo and northwest regions of Seoul will also develop, and overseas trade, foreign investment, and tourism can all become resources for Seoul.”

Policy Committee Chairman Yoo Yu-dong also promised, “The party will take responsibility for the special law on the incorporation of Gimpo City into Seoul so that we can resolve this issue.”

Gimpo’s incorporation into Seoul is an issue that Gimpo Mayor Kim Byeong-soo, who belongs to the party, and Gimpo Gap and Eul Party Chairman Park Jin-ho and Hong Cheol-ho suggested to the leadership early on.

Gimpo City plans to begin a full-fledged public debate next month regarding the incorporation of Seoul into the city by collecting opinions from citizens and conducting a public opinion survey. As part of this region had already been incorporated into Seoul, Gimpo City argues that if Gyeonggi-do is divided into South and North provinces, it should be incorporated into Seoul, not northern Gyeonggi Province.

Representative Kim said, “If Gimpo City goes through the process of gathering the opinions of citizens and incorporating it into Seoul City, our party will naturally respect the opinions of Gimpo citizens and actively proceed with the process of incorporating Gimpo City into Seoul City through party-government consultation.”

Representative Kim emphasized, “There are also ways to vote by referendum or by the city or provincial council, so the mayor must decide and proceed from there. Residents’ opinions are the most important.”

In the case of not only Gimpo but also small cities adjacent to Seoul메이저사이트, incorporation into Seoul is actively considered if local residents wish, taking into account living rights, commuting rights, and commuting situations between work and residence. Currently, Hanam City and other cities are mentioned as strong candidates within the party.

Representative Kim said, “If we proceed with the process by respecting the opinions of residents, we will, in principle, set the party’s policy of incorporating (the city in question) into Seoul City and push for it,” and added, “As soon as opinions are gathered, although it is a matter of legal revision, we promise to actively pursue revision.” “I give it to you,” he said.

Chairman Yoo met with reporters after the meeting and was asked whether Gimpo City’s push to incorporate Seoul into the party was part of Gyeonggi Province’s election strategy ahead of next year’s general election, and he said, “It’s not something we can say we’re doing, it’s something local residents should want.”

When asked whether the party would support neighboring local governments such as Gwangmyeong and Guri in Gyeonggi Province if they wanted to be incorporated into Seoul, he said, “It is difficult to talk based on assumptions,” and added, “Gimpo has the uniqueness of 85% of the population commuting to Seoul. “When I talked about it, he agreed,” he said.

On this day, Gimpo Mayor Kim Byeong-soo delivered a proposal to the party leadership containing contents such as ‘incorporation of Gimpo into Seoul’, ‘confirmation of Seoul Subway Line 5 extension route and exemption from preliminary feasibility study’, and ‘hosting the immigration office’.

Secretary General Lee Man-hee, Chairman Hong Cheol-ho and Park Jin-ho, and Gyeonggi-do and Gimpo City Council members from the party attended the meeting. Kang Hee-eop, chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Committee of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, also accompanied the group.

Regarding Gimpo’s request for exemption from pre-tagging for the extension of Subway Line 5, CEO Kim said, “We will quickly push for an exemption from pre-tat as soon as the route is selected.”

Also, regarding the Gimpo Golden Line, which is called the ‘Hell Railway’, he said, “A fundamental solution is absolutely necessary. Ultimately, wouldn’t the solution be to increase the number of trains or expand new lines?” He added, “I am even more aware that the extension of Line 5 must be done as soon as possible.” He promised, “The party will actively mediate in reaching an agreement between local governments.”

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