Mayor Oh Se-hoon meets the mayor of Gimpo next week… Looks like they will be discussing ways to incorporate Seoul.

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon will meet with Gimpo Mayor Kim Byeong-soo next week to discuss all matters related to Gimpo City’s plan to be incorporated into Seoul.

A Seoul city official said in a press call on the 30th, “Mayor Oh and Mayor Kim are scheduled to meet early next week,” and added, “If there is an official proposal related to Gimpo City’s incorporation into Seoul, we will review it at this meeting.”

Gimpo City’s request for incorporation into Seoul came at a time when굿모닝토토 도메인 Gyeonggi Province was in full swing with procedures related to the establishment of the Northern Gyeonggi Special Self-Governing Province.

Gimpo City is waging public opinion that it is reasonable for Gimpo to be incorporated into Seoul rather than Gyeonggibuk-do by publicizing the case of some areas of Gimpo being incorporated into Seoul.

In addition, Kim Ki-hyun, representative of the People Power Party, said at a meeting to prepare transportation measures for a new city in the metropolitan area held at the Gimpo Hangang Vehicle Base in Gyeonggi-do that day, “If Gimpo City goes through the process of gathering citizens’ opinions and incorporating it into Seoul, our party will naturally respect the opinions of Gimpo City residents. Therefore, we will actively proceed with the process of incorporating Gimpo City into Seoul City through consultation with the party and government,” he said.

Previously, during the Seoul National Assembly audit on the 23rd, Mayor Oh emphasized that the discussion on Seoul’s incorporation began in Gimpo City, not Seoul City, and expressed his intention to meet Mayor Kim soon.

However, Mayor Oh distanced himself from Gimpo City’s claim to be incorporated into Seoul, saying, “The discussion was not raised by Seoul City, but Gimpo City first raised the discussion.”

This meeting can be interpreted as a procedure to exchange opinions overall in order to understand and discuss pending issues while leaving open various possibilities.

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