“Why does it taste like this?”…There’s a reason the rest area coffee tastes different

Stores of specific coffee brands are especially noticeable in rest areas.

In fact, the top five brands account for more than 70% of total store share.

As complaints continued to be raised that the taste of coffee at rest areas was different from that of regular stores, the Korea Expressway Corporation issued a quality improvement recommendation.

This is reporter Hae-ri Yoon’s report.

When you buy coffee at a rest area, have you ever felt that the taste is different from that at a regular store?

I heard firsthand what citizens think.

[Seong Sang-mo / Anam-dong, Seoul: I don’t know. I think it’s the same, right?]

There was an opinion that there wasn’t much of a difference, but

[Anonymous / Rest area user: I drink it occasionally, not often, but I think the taste is a little lighter than at regular stores.]

[Anonymous / Rest area user: Quality of taste . Should I say it fell? That part wasn’t enough, so I added a shot on purpose, but I don’t think it tasted as good as I thought.] There are

also many opinions that the coffee at the rest area seems to have a lighter taste.

In fact, complaints complaining about coffee quality have been consistently posted on the Korea Expressway Corporation website.

They said they were dissatisfied with the taste of the coffee and felt like they lost money even though they paid the same price. The price of a cup of Americano is around 4,000 won, the same as at regular stores.

There are about 10 coffee brands available at rest메이저사이트 areas across the country, with the top five brands accounting for 75% of the total.

When the Korea Expressway Corporation inspected to resolve civil complaints, some deficiencies were discovered at each store.

Coffee beans that have been ground for a long time were used, or ground water was used instead of water from a water softener that was once purified.

However, it was explained that it would be difficult for the corporation to intervene because the management of stores is the responsibility of individual rest area operators.

However, they stated that they have made recommendations to ensure that rest area coffee maintains the same quality as regular stores.

The use of fresh coffee beans and water from a water softener within one month of roasting was prohibited, as was the use of pre-ground coffee beans.

It was also recommended that coffee be prepared by trained staff.

[Heo Jong-sik / Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea: I think we need to inspect it regularly. Wouldn’t it get better if we inspected and inspected it regularly so that citizens who actually use it think that the coffee tastes good? .]

The Korea Expressway Corporation plans to strengthen on-site inspections of stores at least once a month and operate a quality evaluation group composed of external experts and citizen evaluation groups.

This is YTN’s Yoon Hae-ri.

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