“If you use Samsung, you’ll be ostracized, does that make sense?” Terrible iPhone scam… In the end something shocking happened

 “What’s wrong with the new iPhone?”

Ahead of the domestic launch of Apple’s ambitious iPhone 15, there are a series of harsh criticisms about its performance and durability. There was even a shocking result showing that the performance was inferior to that of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Although it uses titanium material, which is light and strong, it is pointed out that its durability is not as good as Samsung products.

In particular, the general consensus was that Samsung cannot keep up with the iPhone in terms of performance. Sam Mobile, an American smartphone media outlet , announced that the performance of the high-end model ‘iPhone 15 Pro Max’ was found to be inferior to that of the Samsung ‘Galaxy S23

Ultra’ , which was released seven months ago .

Apple announced that the ‘iPhone 15 Pro Max’ is equipped with the ‘ A17 Pro’ chip using TSMC ‘s latest 3-nanometer process, improving graphics processing unit ( GPU ) performance by up to 20%. However, in the GPU test with the ‘Galaxy S23 Ultra’, the performance fell short of expectations. In all 20 graphics tests, it received lower scores than the ‘Galaxy S23 Ultra’. Although it was equipped with the latest chip, ironically, performance showed a significant decline. ‘Galaxy S23 Ultra’ uses Qualcomm’s Galaxy-specific Snapdragon 8 2nd generation chip made with a 4-nanometer process. Sam Mobile said, “ The GPU performance of the ‘Galaxy S23 Ultra’ decreased by 28% after 20 graphics tests, while the ‘iPhone 15 Pro Max’ decreased by 22% after one test . ” “As long as you do this, there is a high possibility that you will feel a sharp decrease in performance.” At the same time, “Galaxy S23 Ultra’s GPU

“It boasts more powerful performance than the ‘iPhone 15 Pro Max,’” he said, adding, “It was found to perform much better, especially in continuous graphics tasks.”

In addition, criticism has been raised that the ‘iPhone 15’ series has excessive heat generation, durability, and weak battery performance.

According to overseas IT media, Chinese IT YouTuber레고토토 Geekerwan tested the battery life and heat of the iPhone 15 and found that after 30 minutes of playing a high-end game, the surface temperature of the iPhone 15 Pro rose to a maximum of 48.1 degrees Celsius. reported. Compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 14, it was measured about 2 degrees higher.

Regarding this heat issue, the industry suspects that Apple did not secure a sufficient cooling system or had design problems such as the placement of semiconductor chips.

Above all, smartphone heat is a major problem as it can lead not only to device fires or malfunctions, but also to reduced smartphone performance.

Poor durability was also pointed out as a problem. IT YouTuber Appletrack conducted a drop test on the iPhone 15 and found that it was less durable than the previous model, with the glass breaking easily and the camera lens separating.

IT YouTube channel Jerry Rick Everything held the iPhone 15 in both hands and slightly bent it, causing the back of the device to break in a matter of seconds. The embarrassed YouTuber said, “I have been testing the durability of smartphones for 11 years and most of the smartphones have not broken. The iPhone 15 Pro Max broke abnormally quickly.”

Some experts are even saying that it would be better to skip the iPhone 15. However, among teenagers and twenties, the preference for the iPhone is so severe that people even say they are ‘ostracized’ if they use Samsung, so even amidst various controversies, sales of the iPhone 15 are expected to be as good as the previous model .

Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 series will be released in Korea on October 13th. The price is also more than 100,000 won more expensive in Korea than in the United States or Japan, leading to criticism that “Korea is a luxury?”

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