Who ran away to see me… Resurrection of 98 Miles of Fury, the all-time-class ‘K Machine’ returns

Chris Sale (34‧ Boston) is a strikeout machine that represents major league history. Seil’s total number of strikeouts per 9 innings was 11.1. He is the all-time record for any player to pitch 1500 or more innings in major league history.

However, in the past three years, he has not had a chance to show that kind of appearance. Injuries were frequent. Because of that, Gu Wei did not return. In the process, he grew older by a year. Now, everyone was convinced that “sales will never be what they used to be.” Ahead of the 2020 season, a five-year, $145 million (approximately 190.9 billion won) contract was signed, and only the stigma of “eating and running” deepened.

Sale started his downhill run in 2019. He had a 4.40 earned run average. The assumption that ‘because the elbow hurts’ became a reality. His elbow ligaments, which always supported strong balls, were already severely damaged. In 2020 he had to have elbow ligament reconstructive surgery (Tommy John Surgery). I lost an entire season in 2020, and the body that was once sick continued to hurt. He made just 11 appearances over two seasons from 2021 to 2022.

This year, after preparing for the season in good health, the start of the season was not so good. His earned run average over his first three games was 11.25. The lack of restraint and pitch was visible to the naked eye. But Sale is making a rebound. Although not as intimidating as before, many of his records have returned to normal. He’s playing a part in Boston’s rebound.

Sale is cruising with a 3-0, 2.30 ERA, throwing 27⅓ innings in his last 4 games. During this period, his batting average was 0.163 and his on-base percentage was only 0.212. He didn’t allow too many long hits either. He is unstoppable and aggressive pitching, with a strike rate of as much as 70%.

He was confident in his pitch. In the game against San Diego on the 21st (Korean time), he won his fourth victory of the season with 3 hits (2 homers), 8 strikeouts and 2 runs in 7 innings. Although he hit two home runs, it was the San Diego batting line that was rather overwhelmed. Sale induced 16 missed swings that day. His highest speed was 97.6 miles (about 157.1 km). His average velocity was 94.7 miles (about 152.4 km), which was better than the average all season.

His unique four-seam-slider combo induced many misses. In fact, in his heyday, Sale was a player who could overwhelm opponent batters with just two pitches. he didn’t even know In the game on the 21st, that feeling came back. On this day, the four-seam swing rate was 29% and the slider was 33%. It was clear that the San Diego batters were unable to make proper contact with the ball entering the zone. He was the driving force that struck out eight, and caught it at a crucial moment.스포츠토토

The number of strikeouts per 9 innings this year for Sale is 11.1. It matches exactly his own career tally. Considering that last year was 7.9, you can feel the rising pitch of Seil. This is why he can be expected to watch despite his worst start and still-high season earned run average (5.01). His last 3 years have not been able to achieve his salary value at all, but it is noteworthy whether he can make up for it to some extent in his last 2 years and escape from the ‘worst contract’ candidate.

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