Everyone is leading the semifinals… Are all the 34.3 billion gold catcher investments successful?

Are all investments successful?

Fielders are evaluated on both defense and hitting. If both defense and hitting are good, you will be treated the best in the free agent market. If that position is catcher, things are different. He is highly regarded even though his defense is good and his hitting is short. Catchers are even more so in an age of gold prices, as they are these days. Combining defense and hitting is a super hit. 

Last winter, the four FA catcher war heated up the Stove League. At the center was Yang Eui-ji. Until the middle of the season, Eui-ji Yang’s evaluation was not super-class. However, Doosan Park Jeong-won and NC Kim Taek-jin received super-special treatment as they competed for Yang Eui-ji. He transferred to Doosan after receiving 15.2 billion won, the highest free agency ever.  

At the same time, Lotte’s movements were unusual. The catcher was the weakest, so he went to reinforcements. Rumors circulated that Yang Eui-ji, who had an astronomical amount of money, was realistically difficult to recruit, and that he was aiming for LG Yoo Gang-nam as the next best option. It was real. They guaranteed special treatment of 8 billion won for 4 years and took Yoo Kang-nam. He succeeded in filling the risk position at once.  

When Yoo Kang-nam’s decision to go to Lotte was decided, LG recruited Park Dong-won, who had broken up with KIA, as expected. Kiwoom was not the main player, but he transferred to KIA and wore a mask as the main player and led the round of 5. LG, which gave Kangnam Yoo, had no choice. He was caught after being treated generously for 4 years and 6.5 billion won. NC, who failed to catch Yang Eui-ji, caught Park Se-hyuk for 4.6 billion won. 

It was an investment of 34.3 billion won in all. Almost two months have passed since the start of the season. Among the four catchers, Park Dong-won is by far the most active in attack power. He boasts overwhelming firepower with a batting average of 2.6 and 2 runs, 10 homers (1st place), 29 RBIs (6th place) and an OPS of 0.911 (1st place). He stepped up as LG’s new central hitter. It is even evaluated that the investment of 6.5 billion won is rather a profit contract, that is, a cost-effective value.  

Yang Eui-ji is recording 2.88 7, 4 home runs, 22 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.818. He is a central striker who boasts a 4.2 1 Lee fixer ability in scoring position. However, it falls short of his former destructive power. Park Se-hyuk is recording 24/7, 3 home runs, 13 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.699. Kang-Nam Yoo has a batting average of 2.203, 1 home run, 10 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.616. In terms of attack contribution, Yoo Kang-nam is the worst. 

He should be seen as doing his part more defensively.안전놀이터 Yang Eui-ji is showing his stable housekeeping skills as it is. Park Dong-won also contributes to the team’s 2nd place in ERA (3.45). Although Yoo Kang-nam has a high team ERA (4.24), it is clear that he gives a sense of security to a vulnerable position. Park Se-hyeok is also playing a role in NC’s protective baseball. All teams with four catchers made it to the quarterfinals. I’ve played about 40 games now. Catchers will continue to be rated for investment.

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