Whether it’s Lee Jong-beom, SUN, or anyone… The time to make a decision is approaching for KIA? Debut stage, Canberra or Okinawa

The time for a decision is approaching for KIA.

It has been more than a week since the KIA Tigers faced former coach Kim Jong-kook. Shim Jae-hak and key figures at the front office failed to come to the Canberra Spring Camp in Australia, and are currently hiring managers in Gwangju. An official said, “The list of candidates must have been completed, and they must have been interviewed.”

It is impossible to recruit a new coach overnight. Anyway, for KIA, it is better to recruit a new coach from the schedule of the Okinawa spring camp, which will start from February 23 at the latest. 마카오카지노도메인 They view that a coach is essential in actual training camps. It is easy to simulate various airborne tactics and strategies to be used during the season with a coach.

If Kia plans to completely normalize its training from the Okinawa camp, it is concluded that the coach should be announced at least immediately after the Lunar New Year’s holiday from April 9 to 12. However, if it accelerates its pace and completes its selection of coaches before the Lunar New Year’s holiday, that is, this week, it is concluded that it will be possible to deploy the team to the Canberra camp to some extent. Camps in Canberra, which will take three days of training and one day off, will continue until April 20.

Of course, not just anyone can recruit a coach, but it is also important to stabilize the team by recruiting as soon as possible. If so, there is a widespread view that it is ideal to decide on a big principle between the promotion of personnel from outside parties or personnel from inside at least at the present time. The option to recruit a coach from other teams has been erased early on.

If so, there is a view that this week and the Lunar New Year holiday from the 9th to the 12th will be the biggest variable. The appointment of a manager needs time to receive approval from the parent company even if the priority is decided after the interview. The club will continue its work during the Lunar New Year holiday, but the parent company will of course not work during the Lunar New Year holiday.

Some predict that it will take a little longer. On the other hand, the possibility of gaining momentum through the parent company’s quick decision and approval is also drawing attention. It is true that the former coach Kim Jong-kook’s situation has drawn attention from society as well. If so, the role theory of CEO Choi Joon-young between the club and the parent company is also of interest.

We wonder who the Kia Tigers’ new coach will be and whether his debut match will be in Canberra or Okinawa. Ideally, a team should meet in Canberra, breathe fully before starting the actual match in Okinawa. If the team considers it more carefully, it is expected that its debut match will take place in Okinawa. The appointment and debut process of February, unprecedented in the 42-year history of the KBO League, will also draw explosive attention.

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