100/200m Rival Brothers, ‘Korea’s Bolt’ Dream, Stay healthy

Lionel Messi (Inter Miami) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Al-Nasr) in soccer, and Woo Sang-hyuk (Yongin City Hall) and Mutaz Esa Barshim (Qatar) in high jump. As such, rivalries exist in every sport. By narrowing the scope of competition in the world, the Korean track and field is also continuing. The main characters are Lee Young-wook (15) and Lee Geon-ho (14), who share blood that is thicker than water. Brothers who support each other and sometimes the strongest competitors in their peers, dream of becoming Usain Bolt of Korea. 라바카지노도메인

Young-wook and Geon-ho, who are “one year younger,” are both 100 and 200 meters apart in their main sports. They started attending the Busan Sports Club as part of their after-school activities in 2017, and turned into track and field athletes around the same time due to their talent. They also have the same sports period of seven years. “I participated in the Busan Elementary and Middle School Track and Field Challenge as the representative of the Busan Sports Club, and my performance was good and I chose to run as a track and field athlete according to my aptitude,” Young-wook and Geon-ho said. “We depend on each other at every difficult moment, but at other times, we are encouraged as competitors.”

Working together in the same athletic environment does not necessarily mean that the records are the same. Currently, his younger brother, Geon-ho, is leading the race. He posted a time of 11.32 seconds and a time of 23.27 seconds for the 200 meters. He ranks first in the country in his age group. Based on his skills, he won the 100 meters at the National Middle and High School Athletics Championships and the 100 meters and 200 meters at the National Dream Tree Track and Field Championships held last year. When he was an elementary school student, he ranked first in six national competitions. “I like the pleasure and thrill of passing the front runner and arriving at the finish line first,” Geon-ho said. “My goal is to cut the 100 meters to 10 seconds and the 200 meters to 22 seconds within this year.”

He has the advantage of excellent acceleration in the second half through flexibility and strength of his ankles. He also has good power to push the ground while running smoothly. “Keonho is born with a natural ability to run. His physical condition is 170 centimeters and 57 kilograms, making him grow up to be suitable as a track and field athlete, so I have high expectations for the future,” said Oh Dae-jung, coach of track and field.

His elder brother, Young-wook, is also one of the top 10 players in Korea. His best time is 11.67 seconds in 100 meters and 24.16 seconds in 200 meters. He was the runner-up in all 100-meter relay events of the KBS Cup National Athletics Championships and the Spring National Middle and High School Athletics Championships last year. Young-wook boasts a fast start based on his outstanding quickness. Watchers say that he has endless growth potential as he is greedy for sports and eager to learn one more thing. “I am older than Geon-ho, but my 100 meter record was relatively bad and I felt bad more than once,” Young-wook said. “Last year, I tried to do better and suffered a slump, which made my record worse.”

Gun-ho and Young-wook’s ultimate goal is to win a gold medal in track and field at the Olympic Games. “I want to compete in world championships with track and field skills like Lyles,” said Gun-ho, who wants to resemble Noah Lyles, who won three gold medals for the first time since Usain Bolt at the World Championships in Budapest last year. “I want to become the fastest athlete in Korea,” said Young-wook, who admires Christian Coleman, the next-generation track and field champion.

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