Wear 20 times, clap for 20 minutes… Solidarity Against Vinicius Discrimination Won

Everyone uniform number 20

Everyone first half 20 minutes Standing ovation

Players say
“Racism is out of football”

Football fans say
“We are all Vinicius”

Real Madrid united

Three days ago,토토사이트
because of this scene

“Monkey!” “Stupid nigger!”

In La Liga, hatred is ‘daily life’

“I will endure this pain for the next generation.
I will fight to the end.” A word of anger

fired by Vinicius became an echo of solidarity, even the Brazilian president… Brazilian citizens also rose up . The Brazilian Congress also called the Spanish ambassador to protest. The strength of solidarity was strong. In the end, the La Liga president bowed his head . however… Today, Vinicius posters were torn outside the stadium. When?

Can we see the ground where hatred has disappeared?

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