‘Uh ooh ooh?’ 2nd place Seoul-Jeju-Pohang’s ‘obligation to chase’, remember Man City

Ulsan Hyundai’s solo run doesn’t know how to stop. As of the 14th round of’Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023’, it is the best pace ever with 12 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss (37 points). The difference between FC Seoul, Jeju and Pohang (24 points above), which are in second place, is 13 points. The difference in points between the leader and the second place is equal to the difference between the second place and the 11th place Gangwon (11 points), which is in the relegation zone. It is the market of ‘1st round 12th’.스포츠토토

If Ulsan maintains the current average victory point (2.64 points) steadily, it is possible to reach the 100-point high. It is also possible to predict that Jeonbuk will be able to break the record of winning in the shortest period (32 rounds) set by Jeonbuk in 2018.

While everyone was applauding Ulsan, the winning race, which should have been heated, withered within three months of its opening. The responsibility, of course, lies with the ‘2nd place’, not Ulsan. The 24 points scored by the three teams in second place this season are not much different from the average points scored in 14 rounds of 26.3 points after the introduction of the split system. Like any other season, they are in second place.

But ‘average’ is not enough. In 2019, Jeonbuk won 30 points in the 14th round and ran parallel with leader Ulsan. Jeonbuk scored 32 points in the 14th round of the 2020 season and pressed Ulsan with a 3-point gap. Jeonbuk won the come-from-behind championship for two consecutive seasons.

It is true that ‘Ulsan 2023’ is better than ‘Ulsan 2019’ and ‘Ulsan 2020’, but the teams in the second place had a chance to narrow the score gap. 2nd place Seoul and 3rd place Jeju lost 4 each in 14 matches. Pohang lost only twice, but drew six times. Seoul lost both times to Ulsan, and bowed its head in front of Ulsan in Jeju Island. Only Pohang earned one point against Ulsan.

In order to narrow the points gap in the future, we should not expect Ulsan to slip. The gap can be narrowed only when we have a clear game to catch and bring a 6-point match against Ulsan. Man City gave Arsenal the lead for a whopping 248 days this season, but it is worth recalling that they succeeded in winning the come-from-behind championship by running Pajuk’s 12-game winning streak since the end of February.

This weekend, we’re trying to catch up again. Seoul, which has not recently won two games in a row, will play its 15th round home match against Gangwon on the 28th. Jeju and Pohang will face Suwon (27th) and Jeonbuk (29th) at home, respectively. Ulsan calls Daejeon Hana home on the 28th.

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