Manoa 3 innings 5 ​​runs… Toronto again ranked last in the district alone

The Major League (MLB) Toronto Blue Jays again fell to the sole last place in the American League (AL) East Division.

Toronto lost 3-6 in a match against the 2023 MLB Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA on the 26th (Korean time).

Toronto, which suffered two consecutive losses, went 26-25 and slipped from a tie for 4th in the AL Eastern Division to 5th. It has a win rate of more than 50%, but it was in the lowest place in a district known for fierce competition.

Toronto is suffering from sluggishness as it has only 2 wins and 8 losses in the last 10 games.

Toronto, which was ranked third in the district until the 19th of this month, lost 5 games from the New York Yankees on the 19th to the Tampa Bay Rays on the 23rd, and was pushed to the bottom of the district.

On the 24th, they won 20-1 against Tampa Bay and tied for 4th place with the Boston Red Sox, but after that, they lost 2 times in a row and fell to the bottom alone.

Alec Manoa, who started Toronto that day, collapsed with 3 hits, 6 strikeouts, 5 walks and 5 runs (4 earned runs) in 3 innings.메이저놀이터

Manoa has been sluggish in various indicators this season, such as 6.37 walks per 9 innings, on-base allowed per inning (WHIP), and 1.79. His performance this season is 1 win 5 losses with an average ERA of only 5.53.

The other line was equally frustrating. He only gave up 3 runs even with 8 hits, more than Tampa Bay (5).

According to local media outlets such as, the Toronto team held their own meeting after the game.

Toronto’s starting third baseman, Matt Chapman, did not elaborate on the content of the meeting. However, he emphasized, “We are all grown up adults, and it is up to us to play on the ground. We cannot rely only on the coach. We must find a way to win the game ourselves. We must communicate and help each other.”

Coach John Schneider said, “We are a tough district, and there are many difficult teams. But we are also a good team,” and asked, “We have to focus on moving forward.”

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