“Transfer? I won’t let you go”…Lee Kang-in’s partner’s love offensive

Vedat Muriki revealed his feelings for Lee Kang-in.

Spain’s ‘Marca’ released an interview with Muriki on the 12th (Korean time). Muriki is called the Kosovo Bomber. It is a nickname given to him because of his height, which overwhelms opponents and bombards from high altitudes. He gained attention while raging in the Turkiye Super League. He joined Fenerbahçe after his strong performance at Rizespor, where he played 32 league games and scored 15 goals, further increasing his value. He joined Lazio and qualified for Italy’s Serie A.

In Lazio, his presence was insignificant. He played as Chiro Immobile’s backup and was mainly used as a late joker, scoring little and not having much impact. Muriki dreamed of leaving Lazio and joined Mallorca in the winter transfer window last season. In Mallorca, which desperately needed a striker, Muriki was like a thousand horses. He played only the second half and scored 5 goals and 3 assists, contributing to Mallorca’s stay.

His full transfer left Mallorca. Mouriki has scored 8 goals in 14 appearances in Spanish La Liga this season. He scored when needed, helping Mallorca to a point and helping the team to finish in the mid-table position. He and Lee Kang-in stood out. Mallorca’s attack pattern is that when Lee Kang-in puts it in, Muriki receives it and links it or shoots it. It’s a simple pattern, but Lee Kang-in’s kick is so good and his muri-ki form is great, so he has destructive power. 메이저사이트

Muriki, who proved his scoring ability, was rumored to leave the winter transfer market. It was news that Real Madrid and Real Betis were aiming for Muriki. In an interview, Muriki commented on the rumor of transfer, “I have never thought about transferring. Currently, I will not leave 100% not only during the winter but also after that. If Mallorca agrees, I can go, but I don’t want to. Life in Mallorca is really happy.” put on

Around the same time, Lee Kang-in was also rumored to be transferring. Lee Kang-in was linked to the English Premier League (EPL) such as Aston Villa and Newcastle United. ‘Marka’ asked Muriki whether his partner Lee Kang-in would transfer. Muriki laughed and said, “I won’t let you go. Lee Kang-in must stay in Mallorca with me.” At the same time, he said, “Transfer is the club’s job. Lee Kang-in and I are training and working hard at the club every day.”

In addition, Muriki confessed that he had a hard life after losing his father in the war. He further revealed his satisfaction with life in Mallorca. There was plenty of love for Muriki for Mallorca.

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