Kang Iseul, who is no longer alone, will lead the changed appearance of Cheongju KB in the second half

Women’s professional basketball (WKBL) Cheongju KB shooter Kang Iseul (29, 1m80cm) expects a different performance in the second half.

In the first half of the regular season of the 2022-23 season, Iseul Kang’s performance did not meet expectations. He played in 16 games and averaged 33 minutes and 1 second per game while averaging 14.8 points, 5.2 rebounds and 3.1 assists. It’s a contrast from last season. Kang I-seul, who averaged 18 points in 28 regular league games last season, played 17 games in the first half and raised an average of 17.2 points. He performed consistently throughout the season.

The reason for Kang I-seul’s poor scoring performance in the first half of this season is the absence of fellow center Park Ji-soo (25) in the team. The offensive combination of center Park Ji-soo and shooter Kang I-seul is the best in the league. It is not easy to block both attacks at the same time. Thanks to Park Ji-soo, Kang I-seul comfortably shot a 3-point shot from the outside. The situation changed after Park Ji-soo left the team due to panic disorder. Kang Iseul received intensive checks from the opposing team’s defense.

Iseul Kang’s sluggishness following Park Ji-soo’s departure appears in the record. Compared to the first half of last season, the number of successful 3-pointers has decreased significantly. Iseul Kang made 1.81 3-pointers per game in 16 games in the first half. The success rate was 29.6% (29 trials/98 successes). Last season, Iseul Kang made 52 three-point shots in 17 games in the first half. He put in 3.06 per game. The success rate was 44.4% (52 successes/117 trials).

The 3-point shot title in WKBL is Kang Isul’s pride. Since his debut in the 2012–13 season, he has won six 3-point awards and five 3-point projection awards. As the best shooter in the league, his nicknames are related to his three-point shooting, such as ‘Kangi Three Point’ and ‘Stefan Dew’. This season, Iseul Kang is third in three-point shots, following Sohee Lee (2.75, Busan BNK) and Yurim Kang (1.88, Yongin Samsung Life Insurance). In terms of 3-point shot success rate, it is 13th in the league, far away from the top ranks. 메이저사이트

In the second half when Park Ji-soo joins in earnest, attention is drawn to whether Kang I-seul’s performance will change. His intended effect has been proven. Park Ji-soo, who recovered greatly from the initial symptoms of panic disorder, returned to the court and Kang I-seul scored nine 3-point shots in the 4 games he played. He made 2.25 3-pointers per game. His 3-point shot success rate improved to 32.14% (9 successful / 28 attempts). 

Although it is an event game, Iseul Kang set many new 3-point shooting records in the All-Star game. He scored 42 points on 12 3-pointers. It is a new record for the most 3-pointers made and the most points scored in a single game in the All-Star Game. Iseul Kang made 10 3-point shots in the All-Star Game in the 2018-19 season. In the 3-point shooting contest this season, Kang I-seul won the championship with 19 points.  

KB finished the first half with 4 wins and 13 losses. 5th in the league. It is a ranking that does not match KB, which won the regular league and championship finals last season with Park Ji-soo and Kang I-seul at the fore. WKBL advances to the playoffs (PO) up to 4th place in the league. It is the second half that Kang Iseul’s outer cannon is needed. Kang Iseul also promised to play a big role in the second half. He emphasized, “Even in the regular season team game, the 3-point shot must go well, just like in the All-Star game.”

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