‘Tottenham Shock’ Supernova Center Bags Quick Turn to Munich… Transfer Fee 43 Billion ‘Hijacking’

Bayern Munich succeeded in hijacking Romanian handsome center back Radu Dragusin.

According to Nicolos Skira, an Italian soccer transfer reporter, Florin Manaea, an agent for Radu Dragusin, has agreed personal terms with Munich. He will receive an annual salary of 2 million euros (2.8 billion won) and a bonus for four and a half years until 2028.

In addition, Munich will pay 30 million euros (about 43.3 billion won) to Genoa to complete the recruitment, beating other clubs. According to Romania’s Digisport, it is reported that it is a total of 30 million euros, adding the basic 24 million euros to the participation allowance and 6 million euros in bonuses depending on whether to advance to the UEFA Champions League.

Earlier, Tottenham, whose center back resources were wiped out, was the closest to recruiting Dragousin.

Tottenham is trying to reinforce its center back in the transfer market this winter. Key center backs Mickey Panderpen and Christian Romero have all collapsed due to a hamstring injury, leaving only Eric Dier as a professional center back. Recently, Tottenham had difficulty forming a starting lineup with only full-back resources.

What caught Tottenham’s eye was Romanian handsome center back Dragusin, born in 2002.

Although he is a young player who is now 21 years old, he is playing as a key defender for Genoah, including 17 Serie A matches this season as a starting full-time player.

He was hired by Genoah, a prestigious Juventus Youth team in Serie A, in the summer of 2022, and transferred to Genoah, a former member of Serie B, for 5.5 million euros in January last year. Despite being a defender last season, Genoah scored four goals and made it to the main league. Genoah finished second in the league and was promoted to the main league.

Dragousin is currently playing full-time as a starter this season. He blocked Serie A strikers from dribbling and displayed strength in competition for aerial ball. With his robust physique measuring 191 centimeters tall, he stood out in one-on-one marks and set-piece attack capabilities. In Italy, he drew attention as a big center back to succeed Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich), who was selected as the best defender in Serie A last season.

Regarding his performance, soccer statistics media “Squoca” explained, “Dragushin has won the most games (53 times) in air ball competitions among Serie A defenders this season,” adding, “And he has allowed only one dribble breakthrough so far.”

European football news reporter Fabrizio Romano reported on the 31st of last month on social media that “Tottenham is understood to have agreed on personal terms for a long-term contract with Radu Dragusin,” and that Dragusin is close to moving to Tottenham.

“He doesn’t think about money at all. He only thinks about growth prospects and the team that he can play for,” Dragusin agent Florin Manaea said on an Italian TV show. “We’ve had a lot of contact from teams in Saudi Arabia. But Dragusin didn’t want to hear any of their suggestions.”

“Personally, I have never heard from Napoli, AS Roma or AC Milan. Dragusin is not thinking about leaving Genoah during the season. Moving during the season would be like leaving unfinished business for Dragusin,” he said, dismissing the possibility of moving, saying, “I have been in contact with Premier League 랭크카지노주소 clubs including Tottenham, but he has no intention of leaving at the moment.”

However, Ben Jacobs, a reporter for The Athletic, a global sports media outlet, said on Wednesday, “Dragusin has become Tottenham’s top priority. There is only an agreement left between Tottenham and Genoah. The transfer fee will be 30 million euros,” adding, “Tottenham is considering up to 25 million euros. We need to narrow the gap and amount that Genoah wants. It is highly likely that the transfer will take place within the next 48 hours,” signaling that the transfer is imminent.

Italian transfer market expert Rudy Galetti also said on the same day, “Tottenham will soon complete the contract with Genoah regarding Dragusin. Dragusin wants to transfer to Tottenham and has already agreed on personal terms,” before adding, “We are discussing to increase the transfer fee to 27 million euros.”

If the transfer is successful, Dragusin will become the most expensive player in Romanian history. It will surpass Adrian Mutu (19 million euros), who moved to Chelsea from Parma in 2003.

Romano reported on his SNS account on the 6th that “Tottenham is understood to have made new contact with Genoa to recruit Radu Dragusin.”

Tottenham is known to be the first to reach an individual agreement with Dragusin, but it is in a tug-of-war with Genoah over the transfer fee. Tottenham is negotiating to lower the transfer fee as much as possible, but Genoah is sticking to 30 million euros (about 42.9 billion won) for Dragusin.

In response, Romano explained, “It is understood that Tottenham has made new contact with Genoa for Dragusin,” adding, “The negotiations are still ongoing and are expected to continue over the weekend.”

“Personal conditions will remain agreed with Tottenham,” he said, adding, “Jenoah is claiming 30 million euros for a guaranteed transfer fee, and Tottenham is expected to make an official bid soon.”

Just as Tottenham was about to move to Tottenham, Munich took part in the match. “Tottenham is facing a threat from Bayern Munich, which is seeking to recruit Radu Dragusin,” said Nizar Kinsella, a reporter for the British Evening Standard on Sunday.

“Tottenham continues to discuss the transfer of Dragusin and hopes to complete the contract this week,” Kinsella said. “However, Munich is also considering the option of a center back in the winter transfer market in January, so we put Dragusin on the candidate list.”

“Munich’s interest in Dragusin is not believed to be at an advanced stage yet, but Romanian media reports say Munich can meet the 25 million pounds (about 41.9 billion won) demanded by Genoa,” he added.

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