Is that possible? Whether it’s James’s “fear” dunk or his “alarming” facial expression, “viral”…James’s “dumb” without a ceremony

The Los Angeles Lakers were in dire need of a win 마카오카지노.

The Lakers, who have been mired in a four-game losing streak, could have been in a “panic” state if they lost even to their rival Clippers.

However, on the 8th (Korea time), the Lakers barely beat the Clippers 106-103 to overcome the crisis.

The highlight of the game, however, was LeBron James’ formidable dunk rather than the Lakers’ victory.

James, who caught the ball under the basket in the third quarter, rushed “alone” and dunked fear.

Bleacher Report captured James dunking. And posted the photo on social media.

However, netizens paid more attention to the expression of James Harden, who was watching it from behind than to dunk James.

Harden looked astonished.

Netizens zoomed in on Harden’s expression and commented, and the photo quickly spread online.

However, James, who actually dunked a lot, looked calm without any ceremony.

James (25 points) led the Lakers win with Anthony Davis (22 points) scoring 47 points.

With 1:17 left in the fourth quarter, Torin Prince scored a three-point victory in a 98-98 tie.

James also added two more points with 41.9 seconds left, taking a 103-98 lead. Prince and Austin Reeves then made three free throws in the final 12.3 seconds to stop the Clippers from winning their sixth straight game.

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