Timefolio Asset Management Winners Match Play, first broadcast on the 25th

Who is the best ‘mentor-mentee’ for the 2023 season ‘Timefolio Asset Management Winners Match Play’? The first episode of ‘Timefolio Asset Management Winners Match Play’ will be shown for the first time on SBS Golf 2 at 11:00 am on the 25th.

KPGA said on the 12th,카지노사이트 “‘Time Polio Asset Management Winners Match Play’ is the first Korean tour tournament in Korea in which one KPGA Korean Tour player and one male player from the Korea Elementary School Golf Federation (hereinafter referred to as Elementary Federation) pair up to play together. This year and last year 1 KPGA Korean Tour player and 1 elementary school league player are organized into a group of two and played in a scramble method (a method in which each player takes a tee shot and then continues the next shot from a better spot). A total of 16 teams (32 players) participated. From the round of 16 to the final, an 18-hole team match play tournament will be held.”

Specifically, the KPGA is “defending champion” Heo In-hoe (36. Geumgang House), Lee Hyeong-joon (31. Welcome Savings Bank), Moon Gyeong-jun (41. NH Nonghyup Bank), Kang Gyeong-nam (40. Daeseon Brewery), Seo Yo-seop (27. DB loss) Insurance), Kim Min-gyu (22. CJ Korea Express), Lee Su-min (30. Woori Financial Group), Lee Tae-hee (39. OK Savings Bank), Shin Yong-gu (32. Keumgang Housing), Lee Jun-seok (35. Woori Financial Group), Ham Ham-woo (29. Hana Financial Group), Lee Dong-min (38. Donga Otsuka), Choi Ho-seong (50. Geumgang Housing), Kim Do-hun 753 (34), Yoon Seong-ho (27. Woori Financial Group), and other players representing the KPGA Korean Tour and elementary league players It is said that they performed the best teamwork and played a fierce and thrilling match that could not predict the result until the end.’Timefolio Asset Management Winner’s Match Play (90 minutes, 7 episodes)’ started broadcasting every week at 11:00 am on the 25th. You can meet on SBS Golf 2 at 11:00 on Tuesday night.”

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