‘No show after signing with Samsung’ Baltazar led the team to win and was awarded the Philippine Super League Final MVP

Baltazar, who caused controversy over the no-show after signing a contract with Samsung, won the Philippine Super League final MVP by leading the team to victory.

Pampanga G Lanterns won 79-72 in the match against Davao Accidental Tigers in the second leg of the 2022-2023 Philippine Super League (PSL) Dump Cup Final held at RMC Gymnasium in Davao, Philippines on the 1st (Korean time). After winning the first game 87-84, they took the second game and climbed to the top.

The main contributor to the victory is Justin Balthazar (25, 207cm). Baltazar perfectly dominated the bottom of the goal with 19 points, 18 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals and 3 blocked shots. In the first game, he raged with 31 points, 21 rebounds and 2 assists, and his joy doubled as he won the Finals MVP.

Balthazar is a name familiar to Korean fans as well. After signing an Asian quota contract with Samsung in Seoul last January, he seemed to be entering KBL. However, contact was suddenly cut off, and because of this, Samsung could not register Baltazar as a player in KBL. Afterwards, he was referred to the KBL Finance Committee and was suspended for two seasons. Therefore, he will not be able to play on the KBL stage until the 2024-2025 season.

Baltazar, who failed to go to Korea, returned to the Philippines and played in the Philippine Super League as a member of the Pampanga G Lanterns. He averaged 18.0 points, 17.7 rebounds, 1.1 steals and 2.0 blocked shots in 33.3 minutes over 7 games.

The Pampanga G Lanterns finished the regular league in 4th place (10-5), but showed their potential in the playoffs with Baltazar at the fore. In the semifinals, they defeated the San Juan Kings, who recorded an undefeated record (15-0) in the regular league,카지노사이트 and in the final, defeated the Davao Accidental Tigers, who ranked second in the regular league, and lifted the championship cup.

After completing his schedule in the Philippine Super League, Baltazar is scheduled to enter the PBA draft this year. As he has been regarded as a promising player since his childhood, his top nomination is influential, and he is expected to play in the Philippine League in the future. 

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