The Queen of Bucheon is back… Kim Jong-un returns to his family after 6 years, signs a 2-year, 250 million won contract

The Queen of Bucheon is back.

On the 20th, Bucheon HanawonQ reported the news of the FA contract with Kim Jong-un through the official SNS.

Hana 1Q and Kim Jong-un joined hands again after 6 years since 2017 with a contract period of 2 years and a total of 250 million won (annual salary 200 million won / allowance 50 million won).

An official from Hana 1Q said, “Our team has a lot of young players. They needed a veteran to lead them and a player who knew how to win. Also, as the forward power was poor, reinforcement was desperately needed.”

Kim Jong-un is a 36-year-old veteran, but he still demonstrates better solving skills than anyone else in clutch situations. Above all, he is attracting attention in that he is returning to his parents’ home. Kim Jong-un and Hana One Q have memories of being together for 13 years and 12 seasons.

Kim Jong-un joined Shinsegae as the first overall in the 2006 WKBL New Player Selection. He then moved from Gwangju to Bucheon, and worked together for more than 10 years before moving to Asan Woori Bank through the FA market in 2017.

Currently, Hana 1 Q is rich in good resources such as Shin Ji-hyeon, Yang In-young,스포츠토토 Kim Ji-young, and rookie king Park So-hee. The presence of Kim Jong-un, who returned from Woori Bank after gaining a ‘winning mentality’, is expected to be of great help to Hana 1Q, which is aiming for the first playoffs since its founding.

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