The park asks you to take the diamonds you pick up… Found 2.9 carats on my 7th birthday

In the United States, a 7-year-old child went to a state park소닉카지노 with his family on his birthday and found a large diamond, making it a hot topic.

The Arkansas State Parks announced on the 10th that Aspen Brown (7), who visited Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas on the 1st (local time), discovered a 2.95-carat golden brown diamond.

Miss Brown visited the park with her father and grandmother on her birthday. They headed to a field of approximately 150,000 square meters. This field is an eroded volcanic crater, and diamonds and other materials are often discovered there. Ms. Brown’s father reported the situation at the time, saying, “My daughter was hot, so she walked to a large rock next to the fence to sit for a moment, and then came running screaming, ‘Dad, Dad, I found a gem.'”

What Miss Brown picked up on the trail was a gem the size of a pea. On their way out of the park, the family stopped by the ‘Diamond Discovery Center’ to check out the gems they found. Park staff confirmed that the gemstone Ms. Brown picked up was a diamond.

“Miss Brown’s diamond is a perfect crystal with a golden brown color, sparkling luster, and no broken edges,” said Wayman Cox, assistant park superintendent. He added, “It’s one of the most beautiful diamonds I’ve seen in a while.”

Visitors to the park also name the diamonds they find in the park. Miss Brown’s family named the diamond Aspen. “It didn’t take any special skills to find the diamonds,” Ms Brown’s father said. “You were just in the right place at the right time.”

Visitors can pay the entrance fee to enter the park and take home the diamonds they find. The diamond became Miss Brown’s birthday present.

The diamond discovered by Miss Brown is the second largest diamond discovered by a park visitor this year, following the 3.29-carat brown diamond discovered last March. Visitors to this park discover an average of one to two diamonds every day. There were 563 diamonds discovered this year, totaling over 89 carats.

About 75,000 diamonds have been unearthed in this park since the first diamond was discovered in 1906 by farmer John Huddleston, who owned the land at the time. In the meantime, several companies attempted commercial diamond mining, but after failing, it was designated as a state park in 1972.

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