Lee Young-ae donates 50 million won and sends a letter… “Rhee Syngman, the cornerstone of a free Republic of Korea”

Actress Lee Young-ae donated 50 million won to build the President Syngman Rhee Memorial Hall on the 12th.

The President Syngman Rhee Memorial Foundation announced in a press release that day that Lee had donated 50 million won to the foundation. Mr. Lee expressed메이저사이트 his intention to donate shortly after the news of the launch of the President Syngman Rhee Memorial Hall Construction Promotion Committee was announced last July.

Along with the donation, Mr. Lee delivered a letter to the foundation’s chairman, Kim Hwang-sik.

In the letter, Mr. Lee said, “The first President Syngman Rhee was a man, but he laid the foundation for today’s free Republic of Korea. I could not ignore the news that the first president memorial hall was being built, so I participated in the fundraising for its construction.”

He continued, “I think our country’s past presidents did some things wrong while in office, but I think they also did a lot of things right. If we praise the things they did well and encourage harmony rather than criticizing only the things they did wrong and causing conflict among the people, our children will live in a more peaceful and better country.” “It can be done,” he added.

Mr. Lee has also continued to support the foundations of Presidents Park Chung-hee, Kim Young-sam, Kim Dae-jung, and Roh Moo-hyun. He announced his intention to continue donating to the foundation for the construction of the President Syngman Rhee Memorial Hall next year.

The foundation said, “We agree with the purpose of donation expressed by Young-ae Lee,” and predicted, “With this donation, national enthusiasm for fundraising for the President Syngman Rhee Memorial Hall will further increase.”

Mr. Lee is famous as a celebrity donation angel.He donated 100 million won to the education expenses of the son of the late Sergeant Lee Tae-gyun, who died in a K-9 self-propelled gun explosion.

He also donated 100 million won each to Ukraine last year and the Military Academy in 2016. In relation to this, Lee also revealed that his father and father-in-law were veterans of the Korean War.

In addition, many donations were made to underprivileged groups, such as pediatric patients (KRW 100 million in May last year) and organizations for orphanages, senior citizens living alone, and the disabled (KRW 200 million in July 2021).

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