“The final goal is the EPL… to Europe as soon as possible”

In just a few months, he was reborn as a striker in charge of Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors and the national team, and his bewildered appearance in front of cameras and reporters seemed to disappear quickly.

On the 12th, Kyu-seong Cho, whom we met at the Hyundai Clubhouse in Jeonbuk, Bongdong-eup, Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, smiled while making a V-shape with his hands while taking pictures during training. He greeted the reporters first and said, “2022 was a really meaningful year, but in the new year, I’m determined to have a better year than last year.”

The aftermath of Korea’s first multi-goal in one game in World Cup history was as great as that. His smile sticking out his tongue after scoring two goals against Ghana in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar has increased the number of followers on Instagram, which was about 20,000, to nearly 3 million.

Cho Kyu-seong, who spent a busy time appearing on various TV shows, said, “I lived without doing many other parts besides soccer, but I enjoyed it to the fullest because I thought it was an experience that I couldn’t do, such as photo shoots.” Now, I need to check my body condition and exercise a little more.”

It was a natural step for new teams to show interest as he proved his outstanding soccer skills and star quality. Foreign reporters familiar with the news of the European football transfer revealed that Celtic (Scotland), Minnesota United (USA), and Mainz (Germany) were the three teams that offered an official signing for Cho. Unfortunately, he did not meet the criteria for issuing a work permit for the English Premier League (EPL), which is determined based on the number of matches played by the national team, but there were so many teams curious about him that it was said that Turkey and other countries were also showing interest.

Of course, now Cho Kyu-seong is at a point where he has a lot of worries and thoughts. Fortunately, there are many people around him who can advise him on playing football in Europe. Park Ji-seong, director of Jeonbuk Hyundai, as well as among his teammates, have European experience such as Hong Jeong-ho, Kim Jin-soo, Lee Dong-jun, and Baek Seung-ho. “Director Park and Jeonbuk Hyundai coach Kim Sang-sik respected my thoughts, but said what it would be like to go in the summer, and my fellow players who experienced Europe had different thoughts about transferring in the summer and winter,” he said with a smile. I have the same desire to go out as soon as a player or a good opportunity comes along. The European stage is cold, so I am thinking about what will be effective considering my physical condition and competitiveness.” 카지노

Baek Seung-ho, a friend of the same age from FC Barcelona who was next to Cho Kyu-seong, said, “When Kyu-seong wants to leave summer or winter, it’s right to decide where he fits well.”

Manager Kim smiled at the rumor of an inevitable transfer, saying, “Honestly, I don’t want to let go. When I scored two goals in the game against Ghana, I was both happy and nervous.” In addition, Kim Jin-soo, who played in the German Bundesliga, gave a cautious answer, saying, “The fact that they want Kyu-seong in winter, which is the middle of the season, means that they are recognized by the European teams. It is a little different from me in terms of attacking skills.”

However, it is also Cho Kyu-sung’s job to keep the courtesy of his current team to the end. Cho Kyu-seong, who returned to Jeonbuk from the second half after being discharged from Sangmu last season, played an active role as the top scorer (17 goals), but failed to lead the team to the league championship. In a situation where he is re-challenging for the championship, it seems more positive to leave the team with as much transfer fee as possible.

Cho Kyu-seong said, “First of all, the thought of doing my best in a given position, whether in the K-League or overseas, is the first priority.” It seems to be the driving force for doing it,” he said with strength.

In the end, what makes Cho Kyu-sung move is the ‘potential for growth’. “As a player, you have to set a final goal and run. From before, the final goal was to run in the EPL,” Cho Kyu-sung said. I think the answer is to find and grow a lot. I will make a decision as quickly as possible.”

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