The end of the 30s who lied when they were caught cheating on “I was raped”

A woman in her 30s who was handed over to trial for reporting the토토사이트 other man to the police saying she was “raped” when she was discovered by her husband after having sex with a man she had seen for the first time was sentenced to prison.

According to the legal community on the 22nd, the 3rd detective of the Incheon District Court (presiding judge Kwon Soon-nam) sentenced A (32), who was accused of false accusations, to 8 months in prison.

During the trial, Mr. A’s side denied the false accusation, saying, “I remembered that I expressed my intention to resist in the process of combining memories that came to me intermittently, so I sued my partner, Mr. B, for rape.”

However, the judge said, “The defendant’s statement does not match the closed circuit (CC) TV video and is inconsistent, so it is hard to believe . “

He added, “Innocence is a crime that actively violates the function of criminal justice and puts the accused at risk of receiving an unfair criminal disposition, so it needs to be severely punished.”

Mr. A had sex with Mr. B, whom he first met through an acquaintance in January of last year, under consensual sex at a motel in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon.

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