“If you get into a fight with a student, run away”… Sad advice because it’s so realistic 

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◇Anchor> The Special Act on Prevention of Child Abuse has been enforced since 2014. What was the content of it?

◆Lim and Lee> In fact, the law itself is not a big problem. Of course, child abuse should not be done, and child abuse reporting mandates that if child abuse is committed, they are subject to heavy punishment, and these good contents are included, but those who abuse them are the problem.

◇Anchor> How do you exploit it, specifically?

◆Rang Lim> The concept of emotional child abuse is very ambiguous. So, even if there is a possibility of harming the child’s normal development or harming the child’s emotions, they are being punished. Since the expression is so ambiguous, each case has to be judged by the judiciary, so in the end it has no choice but to become an incident.

◇Anchor> When giving advice, if a teacher has an argument with a student, it’s good to just get along. You shouldn’t shout. I heard that you are giving me this kind of advice, that I have to run away again. Is that correct?

◆Irang Lim> Yes, I didn’t give that kind of advice from the beginning, but after seeing a few teachers who counterattack in such a situation of teacher rights infringement and then report child abuse, it becomes more difficult for teachers if they do not fundamentally block that possibility. So don’t be hasty to fight back. I’m giving you this advice.

◇Anchor> Shouldn’t we shout when a student is swearing or not to swear at such a time?

◆Lim and I> Because you can claim that you were emotionally shocked by the screaming, I recommend that you do not respond immediately, either by simply recording or reporting it.

◇Anchor> Student’s human rights are very important. But isn’t the teacher’s human rights also important? However, when supplementing the Child Abuse Act, shouldn’t teachers have appropriate defense rights, from an educational point of view? in terms of life guidance. There is also such a claim, is it correct?

◆Lim and> That’s right. Of course, children’s human rights are very important, and child abuse is not allowed. Teachers are not saying that they will do child abuse of course, but legitimate educational activities and even legitimate discipline are being reported, so at least these things should be protected from going to lawsuits for child abuse.

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