The determination of reform and re-creation is futile…Cold public opinion toward the appointment of Suwon Samsung’s ‘Legend’ Yeom Ki-hoon [

Is there another legend that is not supported this much.

Suwon Samsung announced Friday the appointment of Yeom Ki-hoon as its coach. The new head coach was confirmed more than a month after the team was demoted.

The appointment is unexpected and unexpected. In fact, the appointment of Yeom was a decision that the soccer community had fully expected and observed. Already early on, the team appointed Yeom as its official head coach, and has been preparing for the 2024 season. Few people in the soccer community have taken seriously the team’s story that it has reviewed multiple candidates.

Suwon ranked at the bottom of the K-League 1 in the 2023 season and was directly demoted to the secondary league. Yeom led the team at the last minute as an acting coach but failed to prevent it from being demoted. In the final match against Gangwon FC, he consistently showed lackluster performance and faced the disastrous reality of demotion at home. Yeom is also responsible.

His appointment shows no sign of commitment to reform and re-establishment. After the team’s demotion, Suwon pledged change, saying, “We will become Suwon Samsung that will be reborn with commitment to re-establishment.” It was an empty slogan. Most K-League officials agree that if Suwon was to be reborn with commitment to re-establishment, it should have immediately appointed a leader who can lead the team’s promotion. “In 2023 alone, experienced leaders have produced results. K-League 2 is not an easy place to play,” said a second division leader.

헤라카지노도메인 The K-League 2 is called “hell” and “wild.” It is a stage as challenging and difficult as the top-tier league. Suwon will naturally become a strong team in the K-League 2, but it is not easy to compete because there is not much power gap between teams and some teams play soccer too much. It is hard to guarantee that Suwon will win its first promotion in a single season.

What is needed is a coach’s experience. If he has no experience in promotion, he needs someone with some experience as a leader or achievements. On the other hand, Yeom is a leader with very little experience. After serving as a playing coach last season, he only served as an acting coach for a while. That’s why Suwon supporters made a statement, saying they were “completely opposed” to the appointment of Yeom, a team legend. It is true that the simpleest idea does not fit the goal of promotion. This cannot be refuted at all.

More than 1,500 comments were posted on the club’s Instagram account on Wednesday, when Suwon announced the appointment of Yeom. Most of them are criticisms directed at Yeom and the club. There are far more negative views of Yeom and the club that made this decision than cheering or expecting. Yeom is a legend of Suwon, both in name and reality. He is also the player that supporters supported and loved the most. However, Yeom Ki-hoon is not welcome at all. This is the reality in January 2024.

Suwon is a team with the most loyal and passionate fans and supporters in the league. Suwon also had the highest ticket price for the 2023 season. Fans have a great influence on the team. Suwon caused great disappointment to its fans by appointing Yeom following the relegation.

Things have happened. In the end, Yeom must prove his achievement by winning promotion. He must show why he has to coach himself and why he has given such a person the baton, which he has never coached before. The only criterion for such judgment is the result. If Suwon fails to win promotion in the 2024 season, Yeom may reversely fall from the legend.

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