The A’s preparing to say goodbye to Oakland…buying a ballpark site in Las Vegas

Major League Baseball Athletics is preparing to part ways with Oakland.

‘Nevada Independent’ quoted an anonymous source on the 19th local time and reported that the Athletics were preparing to build a new stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The new stadium will be located at the intersection of Tropicana Boulevard and Interstate 15, just north of Ale Giant Stadium, home of the NFL Las Vegas Raiders.

A retractable stadium with 30,000 to 35,000 seats is being planned. A total of $1.5 billion is expected to be needed, including the construction of the stadium and surrounding development.

As much money goes into it, tax support is desperately needed. The support of Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo and other legislators is essential, and the Nevada Independent reported that there is a positive atmosphere among legislators.

In an interview with the media, Governor Lombardo said that the Athletics’ relocation was “good news for the whole state of Nevada,” adding, “It’s exciting to see a historic major league team come to Las Vegas, creating new jobs and bringing economic development. . We will continue to look for opportunities. “We are continuing to speak with the Athletics, the League Secretariat, members of the Legislature and local stakeholders.”

On the other hand, state legislative majority leader Nicole Cannizzaro (D-Las Vegas) said in a spokesperson, “I appreciate the athletics’ interest in Las Vegas, but I have no intention of supporting them until they have confirmed the details of the legislation and discussed it with their party members.” I will not,” he said, showing a cautious position.

After this report came out, the Athletics also announced that they had agreed to a contract to purchase a 49-acre (about 198,000 square meters) new soccer field.

Acknowledging that they were in fact preparing for the relocation, they expressed their regret for the Auckland fans, saying, “I know it will be a difficult day for the Auckland fans and the local community.”

Even so, they have no choice but to leave because the problem with the new soccer field is not showing any signs of being resolved. Those who use Ring Central Coliseum, the most underdeveloped stadium in the major leagues, said, “Over the past 20 years, we have focused on having a new home stadium. And over the past six years, we’ve invested a lot of time and resources into building a new stadium in Auckland. While fans, city, county and state leaders and the wider community cheered us on, the process of getting a new ballpark in Oakland has at times made little progress. We have made a strong and sincere effort to stay here.”

“I know this is very difficult news to hear. We are disappointed that we cannot realize the vision of a beach ballpark we shared. We are currently focusing on moving to Las Vegas and will continue to share our next steps.”

The Athletics,메이저사이트 which started in Philadelphia Athletics in 1901, moved to Kansas City in 1955 and then moved to Oakland in 1968. And another ointment transfer was ahead.

If they relocate to Las Vegas, it will be their first relocation since the 2005 Montreal Expos moved to Washington, D.C. and were reborn as the Washington Nationals.

The relocation of the Athletics is also expected to affect major league expansion to 32 teams. The major leagues are promoting expansion to 32 teams in the long term, but they are making it clear that the problem of new soccer fields in Oakland and Tampa Bay must be resolved before that.

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