Hanwha changed quickly. SSG worried… Romero replacement procedure, looking for a font class

SSG Landers also caught the strand by replacing foreign pitchers. They are busy trying to recruit new foreign pitchers.

Annie Romero, who was expected to be the first starter this year, complained of shoulder pain while pitching during a practice game during the second camp in Okinawa, Japan. After that, he disappeared.

Even in the demonstration game before the start of the 2023 season, Romero could not be seen. It has been 20 days since the start of the season, but the possibility of returning is uncertain.

It’s hard to wait any longer. April is almost over. Even after coming back, considering the time to build a body and find a sense in the Futures League, too much time is wasted. It may be quicker to find a new, proven person who can be put in immediately.

In the end, the SSG club caught the strand by replacing a foreigner. Manager Kim Won-hyung said, “(Romero) is receiving treatment in the United States, but if there is no special story, we have to prepare another player. Of course, since the season is in progress, it will be difficult for him to find a replacement player, but he has to find it.”

However, it is not easy at this time to recruit a new foreign pitcher who can help the team, as coach Kim said. However, scout Nam Yoon-seong in the U.S. and coach Kim Won-hyung, coaching staff, and the front desk in Korea are putting their heads together to find the right person.

The Hanwha Eagles kicked out foreign pitcher Birch Smith. Season 1 was the release of foreign players. Instead, he signed a contract with Ricardo Sanchez as a substitute foreign pitcher.

SSG must also find an alternative before it is too late. The remaining Kirk McCarty is doing well, and there is no shortage of starting resources such as Kim Kwang-hyun, Oh Won-seok, Moon Seung-won, and Park Jong-hoon, but it is also true that strong foreign selection is regrettable.

SSG wants the level of Wilmer Font,안전놀이터 who served as the foreign ace last year. Romero was a font alternative that left for America. This was the reason why he invested 1 million dollars (about 1.3 billion won) in Romero.

We are looking for a pitcher who can maximize his pitching, pitching, operational ability, defense, mentality, and chemistry. SSG recruited Romero for a total of $1 million, including an annual salary of $800,000 (about 1 billion won) and an option of $200,000 (about 200 million won). Even if he loses $800,000 by giving up Romero as it is, the success of farming for one season is at stake.

It remains to be seen when the final puzzle of the SSG selection team will be solved.

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