Thanks to the Korean drama, ‘This Country’… “Tax reduction for producers and actors”

As the popularity of the drama ‘King the Land’ increases안전놀이터, interest in Thailand, where it was filmed, is also increasing. In response, the Thai government plans to promote the filming locations of Kingdom Thailand, attracting tourists, and at the same time expand support measures to increase the shooting of foreign dramas and movies in Thailand.

On the 23rd, Thai media Nation reported that the Thai government decided to take measures such as tax cuts to attract more tourists and foreign production companies in line with the success of Kingdom. According to the media, Traisuri Taysaranakkun, a deputy spokesperson for the government, said, “The Thailand episode of Kingdom The Land caused a Thai craze,” and “We decided to expand tax benefits to encourage foreign production companies to film in Thailand.”

This measure, which will take effect on the 2nd of next month, includes tax cuts for works and actors from foreign production companies or joint ventures filming in Thailand. Deputy Spokesperson Trisuri added, “We will increase the number of tourists while helping Thailand’s video business,” adding, “We also have another strategy to attract foreign production companies.”

The romantic comedy drama ‘King the Land’ starring Lee Jun-ho and Lim Yoon-a is gaining popularity, recording the number one weekly viewing time in the non-English TV category on Netflix.

‘King the Land’ tells the story of passionate hotelier Cheon-rang (Lim Yoon-ah) and Gu-gu (Lee Jun-ho), the child of a conglomerate that runs a hotel, falling in love against the backdrop of a hotel. In the 10th episode of this drama, the main characters go on a trip to Thailand to reward excellent employees, and major tourist attractions in Bangkok, including Wat Arun, Khao San Road, Icon Siam, and Asiatique, are introduced.

Earlier, Minister of Culture Ittipon Kunpelm also announced plans to attract tourists to the filming location, saying, “King the Land has helped to promote Thailand’s beauty and culture to the world and promote tourism.”

Thapani Kiappaibun, deputy director of Thailand Tourism Authority ( 

TAT ), said, “There are fans all over the world who want to see the filming locations in person.”Thailand is a tourism powerhouse, accounting for 20% of its gross domestic product ( 

GDP ). They are also active in promoting their own culture and tourist destinations through foreign dramas and movies. Since last February, the scale of refunds on production costs for movies and dramas filmed in Thailand has been increased. According to the revised regulations, if foreign production crews spend 100 million baht (approximately 3.7 billion won) on filming in Thailand, they will receive a 20% refund. An additional 10% can be refunded if you meet the requirements, such as hiring a Thai production crew and promoting Thai culture.Thailand Tourism Authority ( 

TAT ) said about 800,000 Korean tourists visited Thailand this year, and predicted that at least 1 million Korean tourists would visit Thailand by the end of this year.

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