“Affair video from my husband’s computer… I forgave him, and then I filed for divorce.”

After learning about her husband’s affair, she forgave her, but soon after, a woman’s story was told that she was sued for divorce by her husband.

On the 21st , according to YTN Radio ‘Attorney In-seop Cho’s Counseling Center’, the story of Mr. A one day found shocking pictures and videos on the computer she shared with her husband. Her husband had taken and kept pictures and videos of women in an affair.

Much to her shock, Mr. A filed for divorce against her husband체스카지노. Her husband subsequently apologized to her Mr. A and begged her forgiveness. Mr. A thought her husband’s apology was sincere and dropped her divorce suit considering that she still has young children. Her husband suggested, “Let’s make a fresh start in a new place,” and Mr. A also said that the charter period expired at the same time, so she followed his will.

But three months later, the unimaginable happened. Her husband, who had sought her forgiveness after finding out about her affair, filed a divorce suit against Mr. A. Her husband said, “I agreed to forgive everything, but treated her unfairly, such as taking offense,” and she insisted that Mr. A was at fault.

In addition, her husband is said to have moved assets to create a favorable situation for property division. Mr. A said, “Originally, the remaining 200 million won, excluding bank loans, was prepared as business profits,” and “but during the moving process, the husband returned the deposit and transferred 200 million won to his mother (mother-in-law).”

He said, “My husband took out a new loan of 200 million won from the bank and paid it as a deposit for the new house.”

Mr. A expressed that he was worried not only about property division but also about child support. He said, “I think it will be difficult for me to raise the children in reality, so I want my husband to raise them.” Is this request justified?”

How should A respond to this situation? Attorney Yoon-yong Cho believed that it was possible for Mr. A to file a claim for divorce and alimony against her husband again.

Attorney Cho said, “Article 841 of the Civil Act stipulates that a divorce cannot be requested if a spouse’s cheating is forgiven ex post facto.” “According to the Supreme Court precedent, in order for posthumous forgiveness to be recognized, voluntariness and a sincere intention to continue the marital relationship must be expressed.

Regarding the husband’s claim that ‘there is no net property to divide property’, he said, “The fact of borrowing against the mother must be proved with objective evidence.” Attorney Cho said, “If you can’t prove it, it’s presumed that the husband owned the property you disposed of yourself, and it could be subject to property division.”

In addition, regarding the request for ‘a lump sum payment of child support’, “There are cases where this has been adjusted according to the agreement between the parties. However, it is difficult for such a ruling to be made based on a unilateral request.”

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