Suddenly ‘Warm’… More than 20 injured in collapse of University of Wisconsin lake structure

A structure collapsed on a lake on a university campus메이저사이트 in Wisconsin, USA, and about 20 people, including students, were injured.

On the 5th local time, foreign media such as ABC News in the United States reported that at around 2:35 p.m. the previous day, dozens of people, including University of Wisconsin students, were celebrating Labor Day at Lake Mendota and enjoying some leisure time when suddenly part of the structure where the people were was collapsed into the lake.

According to the reported video, several people were standing or sitting on the structure at the time, and the structure suddenly collapsed as if it could not support its weight.

A witness at the scene said, “There were too many people crowded (on the structure),” and “there was no warning, and it collapsed in an instant.”

Fire officials said one person was injured in the accident and was hospitalized in non-life-threatening condition, and five others were treated at the scene. Police reported that about 20 other people suffered minor injuries.

The school said, “It is believed that 60 to 80 people, including students, were at the scene,” and “The area is currently closed, and the city of Madison and others are conducting a related investigation.”

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