“Shocking! Rumors of a dramatic transfer”…Manchester United symbol going to ‘Rival’ Arsenal? Doubts about Manchester United’s future → Arsenal who need FW → Possible summer transfer ↑ “Arnsall wanted it two years ago.”

It is shocking news of the relocation. It is truly a drama series.

“Rival” Manchester United and Arsenal, representatives of the English Premier League (EPL). The possibility of a player moving from Manchester United to Arsenal has been raised. The main character is Marcus Rashford, Manchester United’s flagship striker. 

Rashford currently stands for Manchester United. He scored a total of 30 goals and 17 in the league last season, making him a career high. In response, Manchester United designated Rashford as a leading player and set up a team centered on Rashford. Through the renewal of his contract, he has elevated his weekly salary to the highest level in his team. Rashford’s salary is 375,000 pounds (636 million won) 월카지노도메인.  

This season, however, Rashford was named the “problematic boy” of all time. Controversy continues this season. He became the ace of Manchester United by scoring 30 goals last season, but he failed this season. He has only scored four goals. It is a controversy over his performance.

What is more controversial is his personality. Rashford was spotted at a nightclub ahead of a game against Newport County in the round of 32 strongest teams in the FA Cup held on April 29. He did not attend the training session. He lied to the club that he was sick. Manchester United decided to take disciplinary action and pay 650,000 pounds (1.1 billion won) in fine.

This is not the only time. This is the second nightclub controversy this season. Then, many people criticized Rashford. There were also reports that Manchester United teammates were bullying Rashford. There were even voices calling for the release of Rashford.

Rashford’s future at Manchester United has become uncertain. His position has definitely diminished. Then rumors of a transfer began to pop.

“France’s Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is keeping an eye on Rashford. It has been revealed that PSG is considering recruiting Rashford. PSG is seriously evaluating Rashford and could offer a large amount of money this summer. This is something they are considering as a substitute for Mbappe, whose contract expires at the end of this season,” the British newspaper THE I reported.

Even more shocking is the rumor that Manchester United will move to Arsenal, the representative rival of the league. In fact, he is pursuing a taboo move in the EPL. If he moves to two teams, he will definitely be branded a traitor and a traitor. If he moves to two teams, he will be branded as a traitor. It is expected that the impact will be huge. 

England’s Football Insider reported, “According to internal sources, Arsenal are moving to recruit Rashford. Arsenal are closely monitoring Rashford’s situation at Manchester United to recruit him this summer.”

“We have doubts about Rashford’s future at Old Trafford. With Arsenal’s Gabriel Jesus and Eddie Nketiah struggling, Mikel Arteta is keen to recruit a new striker. Arsenal have decided to wait until the summer to recruit Rashford,” he added.

This is not Arsenal’s first interest in acquiring Rashford two years ago. Arsenal were interested in signing Rashford in the summer of 2022 as well. They set aside 45 million pounds (W76.1 billion) to sign Rashford. However, Manchester United demanded a higher amount and ultimately failed. It is believed that Arsenal will renew their interest in Rashford now.”

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