“There’s a type of player that wasn’t in our team”… 5.8 billion FA reward player who captured the hearts of legendary submarines, blossoming in KT

“He’s the type of player that wasn’t in our team.”

KT Wiz, led by manager Lee Kang-chul, had to send its closing pitcher Kim Jae-yoon after the end of last season. Kim Jae-yoon, who became a free agent, left for the Samsung Lions on condition that he receive a maximum amount of 5.8 billion won for four years.

It is heartbreaking to let go of the closing pitcher who recorded 169 saves and led him to the unified championship while at KT.

KT, which sent Kim Jae-yoon, picked right-hander Moon Yong-ik (29) as its compensator from Samsung. “I am a high-quality slider based on fast speeds of up to 150 kilometers per hour, and I expect that he will contribute to the bullpen’s strength in the 2024 season,” KT’s general manager Na Do-hyeon said.

Moon Yong-ik, who was nominated by Samsung in the second round of 6th round 59th in 2017, did not show a clear performance in the first team.

Since his debut in the first division in 2021, he has been ordinary with a 3.84 ERA of 4 wins, 2 wins, 1 loss, 1 save, 2 holds, 3.35 ERA in 39 games in the 2022 season, and 14 games in the 2023 season.

The Futures record was also 6-4, 7 saves and 5 holds with a 5.91 ERA in 84 games.

However, coach Lee Kang-chul is counting on Moon Yong-ik. There is a reason. I am confident that I can overcome my opponent with a big change-up ball in the fastball.

At the 2024 KT first team spring camp held at Gijang Hyundai Motor Dream Ball Park in Busan on Sunday, Lee Kang-cheol told reporters, “I am not sure if I will do well yet, but it is a harvest that picked Moon. There is also a breaking ball 150 kilometers away. He throws a curve ball with a big angle. Our team has no other pitcher who can strike out like this. I have caught everything in time. I have high expectations.”

Veteran Woo Kyu-min, who was with Samsung along with Moon Yong-ik, also said, “I have good pitching power. However, I still have some deficiencies and lack of experience, but I am a player who can grow further. I hope that good teams will blossom well.”

Of course, KT, which has many quality bullpen pitchers, should win the competition. Although Kim Jae-yoon has left, KT’s new closer Park Young-hyun and veteran Woo Kyu-min, Son Dong-hyun and Lee Sang-dong, as well as Kim Min-soo, Joo Sang-young and Park Si-young, who failed to show good performance last season due to injury and sluggishness, are also dreaming of revival. They should win the competition in good faith.

Still, on the first day of camp, it was a good feeling as a player to catch the coach’s mind.

Will Moon be able to make a beautiful appearance at KT? Let’s look forward to Moon’s 2024 season. 라바카지노도메인

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