“Shocked! Mbappe’s all-time head”…Promise to inform PSG of the transfer decision → Resign to Real Madrid after breaking the promise! PSG will fly 260 billion won

Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) hit the back of her head. She completely ignored her promise with PSG.

French media and other media around the world reported on the 4th (Korea Standard Time) that Mbappe will move to Real Madrid. Mbappe, whose contract with PSG ends this summer, did not renew his contract with PSG. It is news that he has decided to move to Real Madrid as an FA. There is no transfer fee.

Local media reported that Mbappe accepted a 50 percent reduction in annual salary on his way to Real Madrid. He also gave up his 100 million euro (1444 billion won) contract renewal bonus promised by PSG. When it comes to money, Real Madrid cannot match PSG’s standards. Despite this, Mbappe chose Real Madrid. Mbappe chose Real Madrid for his honor, not money.” 월카지노도메인

If Mbappe leaves without transfer fee, PSG will suffer huge loss. PSG spent a total of 180 million euros (260 billion won) in transfer fees to recruit Mbappe. It was a bold investment. It is the second largest ever transfer fee in the world. The largest was 222 million euros (320.7 billion won) that PSG spent when it recruited Neymar.

The reason PSG worked hard to stay in Mbappe was to avoid losses. The same is true of the reason why they wanted to renew their contract. If they re-sign and transfer, the prevailing view was that Mbappe’s transfer fee would surpass Neymar and become the world’s No. 1 player. By Mbappe not renewing his contract, PSG blew this opportunity. KRW 260 billion was also lost.

What makes PSG even more unfair is that Mbappe broke his promise. Mbappe promised to inform PSG first when he moved. However, Mbappe broke this promise and negotiated with Real Madrid, and made the decision. Even after making the decision, he turned a blind eye to PSG. It turned out that he didn’t mention any transfer to PSG. PSG was properly stabbed in the back.

Britain’s Sky Sports reported that Mbappe did not announce his joining of Real Madrid with PSG. Mbappe promised to let PSG know about his transfer plans first. However, PSG was not aware of anything about Mbappe’s transfer decision.

ESPN also said, “PSG was not notified of Mbappe’s decision to move to Real Madrid.”

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