“Sell Anthony and buy SON!” Manchester United legend FW’s move towards his old team… “Son Heung-min can be Van Persie 2.0.”

Manchester United’s savior chosen by legendary striker Dwight Yorke was Son Heung-min.

Contrary to Manchester United’s expectations with the third place in the league and winning the League Cup last season, it has been sluggish this season. Both manager Tenghach and Manchester United’s squad have been criticized for a lot, and demands for a team atmosphere reform and a performance rebound have continued to appear since the start of the season.

Fans’ anger has reached its peak as Manchester United has already been humiliated by finishing fourth in the European Champions League group stage. Manchester United had only one win in the UCL group stage for the first time since the 2005-2006 season due to its defeat against Bayern Munich, and was eliminated without advancing to the Europa League with one win, one draw and four losses. Since then, its performance has hardly rebounded. It ranks seventh in the league and is struggling to break its sluggishness with one win, two draws and two losses in five recent league games.

Strikers were particularly sluggish. Marcus Rashford scored the most points among strikers with four goals, but his performance is far lower than that of the 17 goals he scored in the league last season. The new Rasmus Huairun also scored only two league goals. The biggest problem is Antony. Antony, who scored four goals and two assists in the league last season, has no offensive point in 17 league games this season.

Legendary York, who was witnessing a serious slump in his former team Manchester United, left one piece of advice to improve the strikers. It was recruiting Son Heung-min.

England’s Team Talk reported on the 21st (Korea Standard Time) that “York first asked Tenhach to sell Antony and also insisted on recruiting a Tottenham striker.”

Team Talk said, “The worst player for Manchester United is Antony. He was hired for 85 million pounds, but he has fallen short of expectations. He has regressed to the extreme,’ adding, “York insisted on selling Antony and taking it to the next level. York said Son Heung-min could be Robin van Persie’s second version. It was suggested that Manchester United should move to lure Son Heung-min to Manchester United.”

York said, “I know that Hoi Ren was recruited at a difficult time. He has potential. However, there is no one to teach him. Manchester United should recruit a player like Son Heung-min who can make a difference to the team,” urging Manchester United to recruit Son Heung-min.

“Signing an older player can sometimes work or not. Manager Alex Ferguson knew what he could do by bringing in Van Persie. Van Persie’s performance was not a surprise. We knew what he could do,” he said. “As was the case with Van Persie in the past, Son can be expected to play for Manchester United immediately.”

Even the striker who shared Manchester United’s heyday praised Son Heung-min, stressing that Manchester United now needs a recruit like Son Heung-min. Nevertheless, it is not easy for Manchester United to recruit Son Heung-min with York’s advice. However, as York’s captain this time, it seems that Manchester United will be greatly impressed by how much the presence of a player like Son Heung-min will be a strength to the team. 헤라카지노주소

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