National team middle blocker Jung Ho-young said, “I changed my name, and my fate changed.”

Jung Ho-young (23), a leading middle blocker in the women’s team in the V-League, has been on the solid road for the past 10 years since her change of name. Having lived under the name “Jung Ye-ji” until she was a freshman in Gwangju Weightlifting, Jung changed her name to a recommendation from her mother and a philosophy museum in her neighborhood. Jeong So-yul, a former member of Korea Expressway Corporation, also changed her name from “Jung Ye-eun” at the time.

The renaming effect was significant. After growing more than 20 centimeters since his change of name, Jung Ho-young has been selected as a member of the national team since his high school days, and he has established himself in the professional league with his 190-centimeter tall blocking and fastball. He said, “I strongly rejected his name because his name was too manly at the time,” and added, “However, my mother and acquaintances encouraged me that ‘Hoyoung is prettier than Yeji.’ At the time, the philosophy museum said, ‘It’s not good to have a Yeja in your name. If you live as Yeji, your name will be called more than 100 times if you live as Hoi Young, but I think it came true as you said.” 랭크카지노주소

The renaming effect remains in effect for this season as well. Chung thinks this season is the right time to become a “blokeen.” Chung is making seamlessly headway by ranking third in blockings per set (0.70) in the women’s category of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League, and is doing his best to close the gap with Choi Jeong-min (0.83 IBK Industrial Bank) and Yang Hyo-jin (0.79 Hyundai E&C).

There are many optimistic factors that predict Chung to become the “blocking queen.” During the past two seasons, Chung had 0.59 and 0.68 blocks per set, respectively. He has been on the rise through this season. He also has strong teamwork with his teammate Park Eun-jin (187 centimeters) in height. “For Korean women’s volleyball, (Jung) Ho-young should grow further together with Eun-jin,” said Chung Kwan-jang, manager of the team.

Jung Ho-young is also pledging to compete in good faith with middle blockers of his age, including Choi Jung-min, Lee Da-hyun (Hyundai Engineering & Construction), and Lee Ju-ah (Heungkuk Life Insurance). He wants to be a competitive player on the international stage, not just a tall player. “Most of my competitors are capable of one-legged attacks. Lee Ju-ah and Lee Da-hyun, in particular, are good at speed and speed, so I am making efforts to float faster and make strong attacks like them,” Jung said.

Finally, he said, “I think I’m the best at jumping. Even if it’s late, I feel joy when I chase after the opponent’s attack and make a block, and when I hit the set ball with my fastball,” and stressed, “I’ll find a way to become an international middle blocker.”

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