“Saemangeum is better”… Korean soldiers who became refugees

Some crew members withdrew to avoid a typhoon스포츠토토, but their situation did not improve.

It was confirmed that hundreds of people spent the night on the auditorium floor with nowhere to wash.

Confusion continued, including the allocation of accommodation for foreign crew members who had not entered Korea at all.

Reporter Song Rak-kyu covered the story.


The Jamboree members left Saemangeum and scattered across the country.

The organizing committee explained that most of them were assigned single or double accommodations in corporate or university facilities.

However, contrary to the organizing committee’s explanation, there were cases where we stayed in a place that did not have a separate room.

Hundreds of crew members slept on the floor of the auditorium, and there were no separate shower facilities, so they had to use the bathroom sink.

[Parents of Jamboree participants: “It was nice that Saemangeum was romantic, and if they thought they would sleep here like this, they said they wanted to go back… They said they felt so bad because they felt like refugees.”

] It didn’t work, so I waited outside for over 3 hours, and eventually, some went home.

[Family of Jamboree participants: “There is a sidewalk sitting on the side of the road on the sidewalk, isn’t it? People have to pass on that side, so they drove it to one side and just sat in a row…”] Most of the members assigned here are Korean teenagers


Some crew members and parents protested, demanding a change of accommodation.

A university in Chungcheongnam-do received a request for accommodation for 170 Yemeni soldiers.

Even food was prepared, but Yemen did not even participate in this Jamboree, and university officials waited until late at night without knowing this fact.

[Soundbite] (Local Government Official/Voice Modified) : “It’s a bit difficult to explain in detail. We waited until 9:00 or 10:00 (night) until we found out.”] In Suncheon, South Jeolla Province, a tour bus carrying Swiss crews and

downtown A bus collided, injuring three crew members.

The Swiss crews, whose evacuation from Saemangeum was delayed, were on their way to Seoul after spending a day in Suncheon.

This is Song Rak-kyu from KBS News.

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