Kim Eun-kyung’s sister-in-law “The discord between Kim and his wife is extreme, stealing the in-laws company”… Kim’s son “false instigation”

17 years ago, there was extreme marital discord in the background of the husband of Democratic Party Innovation Committee Chairman Kim Eun-gyeong, and after that, his sister-in-law claimed that Chairman Kim hijacked the company that her father-in-law had applied for a number of patents. While Chairman Kim was silent about this, his son posted an article completely denying the disclosure.

All the characters in the revelation have passed away except for Chairman Kim, so it is difficult to confirm the truth. In the midst of this, it was found that some of the peripheral content contained in the revelation of Chairman Kim’s sister-in-law coincided with ‘recorded facts’.

Chairman Kim Si-bu actually holds a number of patents, including 13 fire-related patents
The beginning of the disclosure was Chairman Kim’s remarks on the 3rd to the effect that “I have always lived with respect for the elderly, such as taking care of my parents-in-law for 18 years after the death of my husband.” It was a word that came out in the process of easing the controversy over his own disparagement of the elderly.

Within those two days, a rebuttal called “a red lie” came from Chairman Kim’s in-laws.

Fun (在美) writer Ji-na Kim, who identified herself as Chairman Kim’s sister-in-law, posted an article on the Internet on the 5th, claiming that she made her extreme choice in a situation where her brother was in an extreme conflict with Chairman Kim. At the same time, she claimed, “Chairman Kim has never lived with his parents-in-law, and the parents-in-law have received all sorts of bad words and threats from Chairman Kim for 18 years.”

At the same time, Ji-na Kim said that Chairman Kim stole the company that her father and her brother worked for in the name of her younger brother.

Ji-na Kim said, “Her father had 9 patents related to firefighting, starting with the electricity business, and with the help of her brother, she gained wings while she was on the rise with patented products.” .

As a result of her confirmation at the Korean Intellectual Property Office on the 7th, Ji-na Kim’s father was actually an inventor with only 15 patents. In particular, from 1997 to 2004, he intensively applied for firefighting-related patents, such as ▲ fire alarm for fire hydrant ▲ pressing device for emergency switch for fire transmitter ▲ holder for emergency lighting, and a total of 13 patents were registered at the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

Ji-na Kim also negatively accepted Chairman Kim’s attendance at her father’s funeral. He said, “Why did the daughter-in-law who stole the business of her parents-in-law after her husband’s death came to the funeral home of her deceased father-in-law?”

In fact, as a result of checking the obituary of Chairman Kim’s father-in-law in the media in December of last year, only one survivor, the name of his daughter-in-law, Chairman Kim, was listed as the title of’Deputy Director of the Financial Supervisory Service’. There were no other surviving family names, such as her daughter Ji-na Kim.

The same was true when Chairman Kim’s mother-in-law died in 2020. It is common for obituaries to announce the names of the children who have suffered the death of their parents together with the names of the parents-in-law or those who have suffered the death of their parents.

Chairman Kim introduced his son’s remarks at a youth roundtable on the 30th of last month, saying, “You must vote proportionally from your age to the dawn (remaining life span),” and said that it was “very reasonable,” but was criticized for belittling the elderly.

Chairman Kim visited the Korea Senior Citizens Association and apologized officially, saying, “I served the adults in my in-laws for 18 years after my husband’s death. I don’t think I’ve ever lived without respect for the elderly.”

Sister-in-law Kim Ji-na said on the 5th, “A person who did not attend her husband’s ancestral rite even once, let alone a holiday, deceived her entire family with a red lie메이저사이트.”

According to the article, Kim’s husband, who inherited his father’s business, took his own life in 2006. Mr. Kim said, “For some reason, the business was immediately changed to the name of Chairman Kim’s younger brother after his brother died.” Mr. Kim said, “After that, the family fell into disrepair.” He said, “My mother collapsed from shock and was taken to a nursing home, and my father moved to the countryside and lived a difficult life.”

Mr. Kim, who is staying in the United States, said in a phone call with TV Chosun on the 6th, “I wrote this because it is an obvious lie that I have been taking care of my parents-in-law for 18 years.” At the same time, he said, “If Chairman Kim’s side refutes it, I will release the data.”

As the controversy spread, Chairman Kim’s eldest son protested.

On the 6th, he posted a post on an online community and refuted, “After my father passed away, my grandfather went to his hometown, and I often went there with my mother.” He said, “Even when I became indifferent to her grandfather, my mother called her grandfather first and encouraged me to go down.” did.

The eldest son also revealed the decision to give up inheritance, saying, “My aunts inherited, but my family (Chairman Kim and two sons) all gave up inheritance.” He said, “It is also not true that my mother took over the company my father ran during his lifetime.”

The eldest son said, “Please stop attacking the family with ridiculous and false incitement,” and said, “I plan to take necessary legal action in the future.”

Lee Jae-myung and Kim Eun-kyung are “regrettable” only for the controversy over the elderly.
The Democratic Party is in the position that a cautious approach is needed as it is Chairman Kim’s personal affair and the factual relationship has not been confirmed. Democratic Party floor leader Park Kwang-on said at a press conference on the 100th day of his inauguration on the 6th, “It is not appropriate for me to comment because it is a private matter,” and “I think Chairman Kim might have a position on that part.”

On the 7th, Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung said, “I regret it,” saying, “There are people who have been hurt by my careless remarks,” regarding the controversy over Chairman Kim’s remarks disparaging the elderly. However, he did not give any answers to questions such as the theory of responsibility and the resignation of Chairman Kim. Chairman Kim is also keeping silent.

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