‘Return to discipline’ Green, showing off his overwhelming presence

Green, who returned from the disciplinary suspension, showed off his tremendous presence.

The Golden State Warriors won 126-125 in a game against the Sacramento Kings in Game 4 of the 1st round of the 2023 NBA Playoffs held at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California on the 24th (Korean time). Golden State, who won a victory like gold by one point, was able to leave Game 5 with a balance of 2 wins and 2 losses.

Stephen Curry (32 points, 4 assists) and Klay Thompson (26 points, 3 assists) spewed fire, while Jordan Pool (22 points, 4 assists) and Andrew Wiggins (18 points, 8 rebounds) also added strength.

The talk of the day was Draymond Green. Green was ejected from the game after receiving two flagrant fouls for committing an immoral foul by stepping on Domantis Sabonis in Game 2. Golden State, which lacked the core of the team, the green, had to give up the second game. In addition, after the game, he was suspended for 1 game and caused a nuisance to the team.

Fortunately, Golden State won Game 3 without a green and was able to pass without saying anything, but Golden State was still at a disadvantage. This is because if they do not win the 4th game at home, they will have to go to the Sacramento away game in the 5th game in danger of being eliminated.

Green’s performance, which came back in this desperate situation, was excellent. Green recorded 12 points, 10 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 steals on the day, performing as a beauty in all directions. As you know, Green is evaluated as a player who goes beyond records. However, his record on this day was also splendid.

What’s surprising is Green’s free throw percentage. Green attempted 6 free throws that day, all of them successful, showing a 100% success rate. Green’s free throw percentage this season was 71.3%. This is where you can see Green’s concentration.

Green, who played from the bench rather than the starting lineup, coordinated Golden State’s offense as soon as he appeared and organized the movement. Under Green’s direction, Golden State’s offense worked much more smoothly.

Also, his presence on defense was overwhelming. Green thoroughly blocked the savonis he kicked, and when switched after the screen, he showed perfect response against Sacramento guards like The Aaron Fox. The highlight of the green defense on this day was the scene of blocking Sabonis’ shot with a 124-121 lead with 1 minute and 40 seconds left in the 4th quarter. If this goal had been successful, the outcome of the game would have changed.

On this day, Golden State won by one point. If Green had been absent, it would have been difficult for him to guarantee victory.

In an interview after the game, Green expressed strong confidence, saying, “We have the best players and the best coaches. We have no problems. We can win if we just rest and do what we do.”

For Sacramento fans, Green must be really mean. This is because he committed an unsportsmanlike foul and returned from discipline to show off his unwavering skills.스포츠토토

The tone of the series has changed rapidly. Sacramento started with two wins in a row, but Golden State succeeded in counterattacking with two wins in a row. Both teams have won at home and lost all away. With a score of 2-2, Game 5 will be held in Sacramento on the 27th.

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