‘Lee Kwan-hee’s mannequin’ aftermath to the championship match, KGC burdened with ‘Top Dog’ evaluation

 Is this the aftermath of LG and Lee Kwan-hee’s mannequin, serious and humble KGC.

The 2022-2023 men’s professional basketball now has only the long-awaited championship match left. Anyang KGC, the winner of the regular league, and Seoul SK, the overall champion of last season, will face each other. It is the best performing card. These are the two teams that met at the summit for the second year in a row. Considering the rivalry and power of the two teams, there is already a prospect that a great match will unfold.

Experts predict a slight advantage for KGC. It is also a winning team in the regular league, and the starting and backup power is solid. The fact that SK Choi Jun-yong cannot play is also an important factor.

However, KGC feels burdened by the evaluation of ‘top dog’. It’s not too modest, it’s because the opponent SK’s momentum is too good. SK is on a 15-game winning streak from the end of the regular season to the 6th and 4th playoffs. It is said that not having Choi Jun-yong is a weakness, but in terms of organizational power, it seems to have become much stronger. And in short-term matches, the bottom of the goal is important, and SK has Jameel Warney, a ‘guaranteed check’. It’s undeniable that Omari Spellman is a great player, but there’s a limit to his ability to stop Warney from the bottom of the net.

And one more thing, I can’t help but worry about the ‘mannequin case’ of Changwon LG. LG was able to gain a physical advantage over SK, who had played the playoffs for the round of 6 with 2nd place in the regular league. However, before the series, Lee Gwan-hee devalued SK match-up opponents as mannequins, and this ignited the fighting spirit of the SK team. It is evaluated that the SK players who came together because of Lee Kwan-hee had a great influence on the series result.

Therefore, fun is important,토스카지노 but KGC has no choice but to be careful in the pro world where you have to win and see. He is Byun Jun-hyung, who also enjoys provocation ceremonies against opponents during matches, but on Media Day, he was ‘humility itself’. His intention not to provoke SK players was evident.

The last is the learning effect of the quarter-final playoff against Goyang Carrot. At that time, there were many prospects that KGC would reap a landslide victory against Carrot, who was in a situation where he was putting all his energy into the round of 6 against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis until the 5th game, and was unable to eat properly. But the aspect was completely different. I was embarrassed by the loss in Game 2, and I was driven to the brink of defeat in Game 3. If they had lost the third game, KGC would have been in a big crisis. The evaluation that they will win unconditionally acts as a burden rather than confidence to the players. Therefore, it is KGC’s honest intention that it is not very nice to hear that SK is ahead of SK in this championship match.

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