“Remarks about pregnancy and abortion are false”… Park Soo-hong’s side sues his sister-in-law for reporting false information to the late Kim Yong-ho

Broadcaster Park Soo-hong, who is engaged in a legal battle with his older brother, Mr. Park (55), announced that he would sue his sister-in-law for defamation after she revealed information related to his private life.

On the 14th, Park Soo-hong’s legal representative, lawyer Noh Jong-eon, said through Sports Seoul and other entertainment media outlets, “With the death of YouTuber Kim Yong-ho메이저사이트, the case related to the spread of false information and defamation was closed with ‘no right to prosecute,’ but during the investigation, “Based on the revealed information, we plan to sue Park Soo-hong’s sister-in-law for defamation,” he said.

Lawyer Noh said, “The criticism of Mr. Park Soo-hong’s private life that his father and mother spoke about yesterday during his brother and his wife’s trial on charges of embezzlement is similar to what Mr. Kim Yong-ho said in the past when he defamed Mr. Park Soo-hong and (wife) Kim Da-ye with false information. “It is almost identical to the false facts,” he said, adding, “The prosecution found all of Kim Yong-ho’s remarks about pregnancy and abortion to be false and indicted him.”

He said, “After Kim Yong-ho was indicted, Park Soo-hong’s sister-in-law appeared during the trial interrogation.” Kim Yong-ho’s defense attorney stated in court, “I believed Kim Yong-ho’s false slander was true after being tipped off by his sister-in-law.” Based on this, “We plan to sue Park Soo-hong’s sister-in-law.”

Previously, Mr. Kim Yong-ho was indicted on charges of continuously posting unfounded and false facts about the private life of Park Soo-hong and his wife through the YouTube channels ‘Kim Yong-ho Entertainment Manager’ and ‘Garo Sero Research Institute’ since 2021.

Attorney Noh Jong-eon also announced his position on the recent trial. Attorney Noh said, “At the trial held yesterday, Park Soo-hong’s parents testified as if the information that was found to be false during Kim Yong-ho’s trial was true,” and added, “It is unfortunate that they seem to have taken advantage of the fact that it is difficult to sue biological parents.”

Lastly, “The content regarding slush funds is also an absurd fact. “It is difficult to understand from common sense that someone would use the money they earned to create a slush fund through their bank account,” he said.

Meanwhile, on the afternoon of the 13th, at the Seoul Western District Court Criminal Agreement Division 11 (Chief Judge Bae Seong-joong), a hearing was held on charges of embezzlement (embezzlement) against Park Soo-hong’s older brother and his wife. At the trial on this day, Park Soo-hong’s father, Mr. Park, and his mother, Mr. Ji, appeared as witnesses at the request of his brother and his wife. Park Soo-hong’s parents met with reporters ahead of his attendance and insisted on their eldest son’s innocence. In addition, he also mentioned the sensitive personal life of his second son, Park Soo-hong.

Mr. Ji claimed to a media outlet that Park Soo-hong’s wife, Kim Da-ye, as well as the tax accountant and lawyer Noh Jong-eon who were assisting him, “approached Soo-hong in a planned manner.”

Additionally, Mr. Ji harshly criticized Park Soo-hong’s close friend, comedian Son Heon-soo. Mr. Ji said, “He doesn’t know what he is doing. In the case of Yoon Jeong-su, he has been with Soo-hong for a long time and he only says the right things.”

Regarding Park Soo-hong, he said, “All the kids who spoke the right things like that were gone, and he started hanging out with the XX people who go to clubs, and his eyes changed. When I came to trial, I saw the look in his (Park Soo-hong) eyes and thought, ‘You’re in big trouble.’ All the bad things came together. “I heard it,” he claimed.

He continued, “That guy, Son Heon-soo, is a really bad guy. He’s honest like (Yoon) Jeong-su, and he’s thrown away older brothers like (Kim) Kook-jin and (Kim) Yong-man, and is doing such XX things …” and “If he really loves Soo-hong, he’ll do this.” “Do you mind if I turn it into a wasteland?” he raised his voice.

Mr. Ji said of Park Soo-hong’s wife, “When Daye gets married, her husband has a lot of money, so she should stay at home in a quiet manner. If she has a lot of money, she will go out and play, lay iron plates at the lawyer’s office, and rescue all the unfair people. She ruined our family like this.” “How can I do that?” he criticized.

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