Rashford partner Kane? Osimen?… You can become a ‘shocking’ player, ‘Man United’s biggest controversial FW return door is open!’

 Manchester United of the English Premier League (EPL), which is aiming for a real leap next season, is preparing to strengthen its squad.

Among them, the key position is the striker. It is finding a partner for Marcus Rashford, who showed the best growth this season. Many world-class strikers are making their names. While Harry Kane (Tottenham) and Victor Osimen (Napoli) were constantly mentioned, Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain) was recently included in the list of candidates.

However, the possibility that a ‘shocking’ player other than them will become Rashford’s partner has been raised. Manchester United’s most controversial striker. That’s Mason Greenwood.

The 21-year-old young striker sparked controversy when he was accused of sexual assault, and was recently acquitted of sexual assault charges. Greenwood is awaiting his Manchester United return. However, United have yet to make a decision to return, and Greenwood’s future at United is uncertain. He has a contract with Manchester United until 2025.

The season ended without Greenwood. He has been out of action for 16 months. Next season is the problem. A decision must be made whether to return Greenwood to the team or transfer him to another team.

As it is, it is impossible to keep him in the team without playing in the game. Recently, Pogba of Juventus raised his voice to Juventus to try to sign Greenwood.

In this situation, Manchester United manager Eric ten Haag cautiously opened up about the possibility of returning to Greenwood. He would have mentioned the possibility as a Rasford partner.

In an interview with Britain’s ‘Times’, manager Ten Haag was asked, ‘Who is the striker who can help Rashford next season?’, replied, “Greenwood has shown in the past that he can score goals for Manchester United.” Greenwood scored 36 goals in 130 appearances for Manchester United.안전놀이터

With this remark, local media interpreted that Ten Hagh opened the door to return to Greenwood next season. Britain’s ‘The Sun’ also reported that “Director Ten Haag hinted that Greenwood could return.”

But it’s not confirmed yet. This is because Greenwood’s return is not something that Ten Haag will decide alone. It is only possible with the approval of the Manchester United leadership and a consensus among the Manchester United fans.

Ten Haag, without further comment on Greenwood, emphasized, “We absolutely need an attacker who can help Rashford. Whether it comes from our team or from another team, one player must be added.” .

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