Ponpoon Withdraws Application for Asian Quarter…IBK Industrial Bank Finds New Setter

Thailand’s national team setter Ponfun Gedfard, who played in the IBK Industrial Bank of Korea uniform last season, withdrew his application for a tryout in the 2024 Asian quarter. 먹튀검증

Ponpoon originally submitted an application to participate in the 2024 KOVO (Korea Volleyball Federation) women’s Asian Quarter Tryout and Draft, which will begin on the 29th in Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, but withdrew it on the 28th.

As a result, Ponpoon will be given a penalty. You cannot apply for a tryout in the 2025 Asian quarter.

It has been confirmed that Ponfun has completed his contract with the U.S. team. He will receive a higher salary than Korea, which will receive a set amount. Ponfun’s stock price rose, with offers coming from Brazil. Ponfun decided to go to the U.S. after much consideration.

Initially, it was likely to renew the contract with IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, but as Ponpoon turned it on, IBK Industrial Bank had to find a new setter.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea has at least the third highest chance of nomination. In this year’s Asian quarter, three teams that ranked in the order of performance from last year, Pepper Savings Bank and Korea Expressway Corporation, are eligible for the first lottery. Pepper Savings Bank will receive 30 balls (40 percent), Korea Expressway Corporation will receive 25 balls (33.3 percent), and IBK Industrial Bank will receive 20 balls (26.6 percent).

Currently, Pepper Savings Bank is seeking the nomination of a middle blocker, and Korea Expressway Corporation is looking for an aggressive wing spiker. IBK Industrial Bank, which is looking for a setter position, is expected to have a wide range of choices.

“I will closely monitor the movements of the Chinese and Japanese setters. I will take a good look at the players in general,” IBK Industrial Bank coach Kim Ho-chul said.

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