Pittsburgh-Washington, DH on the 30th due to rain postponement… baejihwando rest

 Bae Ji-hwan’s team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, is taking a day off due to rain.

Pittsburgh was scheduled to play an away game against the 2023 Major League Baseball Nationals at National Park in Washington, DC, USA on the 29th (Korean time).안전놀이터

However, the match was postponed due to bad weather. Bae Ji-hwan also takes a day off.

Games that could not be held on this day will be played as a double header on the 30th.

The starting mound for Game 1 will include Rich Hill of Pittsburgh and Patrick Corbin of Washington.

In Game 2, Vince Velasquez (Pittsburgh) and Chad Cool (Washington) will take the mound.

Pittsburgh is cruising with an 18-8 record this season. Washington is struggling with a record of 9-15.

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