154 km bang, but 5 walks, potential to surpass Kim Seo-hyun, he doesn’t fix it even if he knows… the focus is on making use of his strengths

NC Dinos Rookie Fireballer Shin Young-woo is focusing on zeroing.

Shin Young-woo started the Futures League match against Hanwha at Masan Baseball Stadium on the 29th. He allowed 4 runs on 6 hits, 5 walks, 6 strikeouts in 4⅔ innings. Of his 91 total pitches, he only had 47 strikes, about half of which. However, his four-seam maximum velocity was 154 km, and the drop in the curve of his main weapon was impressive.

The teams drew 4-4. In the rain, the game was finished in the 5th inning to protect the players. The weather was chilly with rain and wind blowing. As a pitcher, it was an adverse condition that made it more difficult to catch the ball.

Third appearance in the Futures League. Homework is still zeroing. 2 losses in 3 games, 8.74 ERA. He struck out 11 in 11⅓ innings, but walked just 16.

The arm swing speed is too fast, so it’s a ride. It emits explosive speed with fast arm swings in wild pitching form. He throws a ball so powerful that the average fastball speed is close to 150 km. The main weapon curve also drops quickly enough to reach 135 km.

The key is making consistent RBIs.

NC focuses on making use of strengths rather than fixing weaknesses.

Top potential with big pitcher qualities to dominate the league. If you make the form calm to improve control, the advantage may disappear.

For this reason,안전놀이터 he is watching to find his point while throwing freely in the Futures League. If you find a solution yourself, you can grow into a formidable pitcher. He has a good pitch, is sincere, and has a good work ethic. It seems that finding his own way while gaining game experience will be the right way to grow.

After graduating from Gyeongnam High School, a super rookie wearing an NC uniform with the 4th place in the 1st round of the 2023 rookie draft. 1st place Hanwha Kim Seo-hyun, 2nd place KIA Yoon Young-chul, and other fellow pitchers are playing in the first team stage, so you can get impatient.

However, like life, baseball is a long marathon game for prospects who have just entered the professional league. Going first doesn’t mean arriving early. The priority is to find your own routine with a long breath.

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