Party for general election? The leadership of the former era is angry at the countdown to ‘Jo Jeong-hoon’s national power campaign’

“Join hands with the ruling party, which is at the opposite end of the party’s values,” protested
Jo, “Even if it’s reasonable, the direction remains the same… If party members oppose, we will follow the decision.”

While Cho Jung-hoon, leader of the era change, is pushing for a merger with the People Power Party, some politicians who were involved in the era change are criticizing it. It’s like raising your voice. This is because Representative Cho is trying to join hands with the ruling party, which is at odds with the political party values ​​of the changing times. Some officials put out a high-level message, saying, “This is just a merger to get Representative Cho elected,” and “Greed has ruined humanity.” As opposition within the party intensified, Representative Cho, who was pushing for a merger, also took a step back, saying, “The opinions of party members take priority.”

Jo Jeong-hoon “The leadership of the military proposes a merger”… Former representative “I do not agree”

According to officials of the People’s Power Party and Changing Times on the 19th, the two sides discussed the merger process in extreme secrecy ahead of next year’s general election. A People Power Party official predicted that a merger ceremony will be held within two weeks in accordance with the internal procedures of the Zidae Telephone Company. The observation in the political circles that the People Power Party has put Representative Cho on the list to recruit talent for the general election has become an established fact.

Representative Cho also met with reporters at the National Assembly that day and acknowledged that the People Power Party leadership had made a proposal to change the times. Representative Cho stated the purpose of the merger, saying, “We received the proposal and had intense discussions with the party leadership,” and “(if it is compatible with the People Power Party), we intend to create a coalition that encompasses conservatives and moderates.” Representative Cho said that he would reveal his additional position after discussions with key party officials this evening.

However, those involved in the change of era are all protesting against it. The criticism is that it is absurd that the change of times, which advocates ‘forward, neither left nor right,’ is accompanied by the People Power Party, which calls for ‘rightward orientation.’ Some argue that Representative Cho made a decision that went against the founding spirit of the party in order to seek re-election메이저사이트 by receiving the ruling party’s nomination. 

Lee Won-jae, former co-representative of Era Transition, posted on his SNS on this day,Lee Won-jae, former co-representative of Era Transition , expressed his position on

Another member of the former era transition leadership also said in a phone call, “I have very similar thoughts to former Representative Lee Won-jae,” and pointed out, “There is absolutely no political direction that can be achieved through the merger of the two sides. It is only a merger to get Representative Cho elected.” In particular, he added, “If the party had not submitted a candidate for a metropolitan area in the recent local elections, there is a possibility that the party would have been in danger of disbanding,” and added, “I also think that they are trying to quietly cover up that part.”

Jo Jeong-hoon said, “Former party officials did not even participate in merger discussions.”

In response to the claim, Representative Cho Jung-hoon refuted the claim, saying, “It is not true.” Representative Cho met with Sisa Journal immediately after the press conference on this day and said, “There are already contents of a constitutional complaint filed with the National Election Commission regarding legal procedures (related to political party issues). You can check for yourself.” He also pointed out to former leader Lee Won-jae, “He is a person who broke up with us because his goals were different, and since he is not a member of the party, he did not participate in this discussion.” He then said, “Until a final decision is made through the national convention, the merger is provisional,” and also announced that he would follow the discussion with key party officials that evening if a conclusion was reached against the merger.

Representative Cho emphasized that the political direction of changing the times will remain even after the merger. He claimed, “I have never been presented with or requested any conditions during the merger process,” and added, “The purpose of the merger is to encompass moderates and conservatives as a decision that risks the political life of a changing era.” At the same time, he added, “We will proceed with policies such as the basic income system that the era transition has been promoting so far.”

Meanwhile, Representative Cho said of the Democratic Party, which laid the foundation for his entry into the National Assembly, “Many people ask why it has changed, but I think it is the Democratic Party that has changed in the end, not Cho Jung-hoon,” and “The Democratic Party from the perspective of the National Assembly is the same as the party that stopped in 1987. “We decided that it would be difficult to merge with the Democratic Party,” he claimed.

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