‘Are we leaving ST?’ Barcelona interested in Newcastle Henry as Lewandowski replacement… “Transfer fee is the problem”

Barcelona is planning a future without Robert Lewandowski after just two seasons. They are targeting Newcastle’s key striker as a replacement.

British media outlet The Sun reported on the 18th (Korean time), “Barcelona has appointed Alexander Isaac as a long-term replacement for Lewandowski.”

World-class striker Lewandowski transferred from Bayern Munich to Barcelona ahead of the 2022/23 season. When Lewandowski, who recorded 50 goals and 5 assists in 46 games in Munich the previous season, headed to Barcelona, ​​fans cheered, expecting that the weight of the attacking line, which had been lacking since Messi’s transfer, would greatly increase. 

Lewandowski lived up to expectations. He started 33 league games and scored 23 goals and provided 7 assists, becoming La Liga’s top scorer. Considering that it was his first season in La Liga and that he missed part of the season due to injury, it was a tremendous scoring performance. However, his movements were clearly duller than in Munich and his goal-making ability was somewhat disappointing. 

This season, Lewandowski has continued to show good offensive ability at the forefront, scoring 3 goals and 3 assists in 5 league games. He has led to expectations that he will continue to play for Barcelona throughout the duration of his contract, which runs until June 2026.

But Barcelona thought differently. Barcelona have already카지노사이트 begun looking for a replacement for Lewandowski, who is 35 years old and entering the final stages of his career. 

The Sun said: “Coach “We are concerned that this could end and are working hard to find a replacement,” he said. 

Isaac transferred from Real Sociedad to Newcastle ahead of last season, recording a transfer fee of 60 million pounds (about 100 billion won). Despite struggling with injuries in his first year of transfer, Isaac started 17 league games and scored 10 goals and 1 assist. Isaac has become the core of Newcastle’s attack with his simple dribbling and kicking skills, and he started 4 league games this season and scored 2 goals. 

Newcastle fans poured praise on Isaac’s performance, saying, “He plays like Thierry Henry,” “He feels like Henry,” and “He’s an unbelievable player.” 

The media explained, “However, since there will be no serious move to recruit Isaac until next summer, Lewandowski’s Barcelona career does not end immediately.”

He added, “Barcelona is a fan who has been watching Isaac for a long time. Isaac was asked about a move to Barcelona even in the past when he was at Real Sociedad.”

However, it is not expected to be easy for Barcelona to recruit Isaac. The media said, “Newcastle will demand a transfer fee similar to the fee they paid if Isaac leaves. This could be difficult as Barcelona are still experiencing financial difficulties.”

Meanwhile, Lewandowski recently opened up about where he could head in the future if he leaves Barcelona. 

According to reports from Spanish media, Lewandowski said, “I have never considered a move to Saudi Arabia. I am very happy in Barcelona, ​​and I am satisfied as a person rather than a player. However, before the spread of COVID-19, I had no intention of going to Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States. “I changed my mind after that,” he said, adding that he had even considered a move to MLS at one point, but not right away. 

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