‘Park Ji-sung is leading the way’ Jeonbuk, who left Kim Sang-sik, selects a ‘named’ foreign coach

Jeonbuk Hyundai is busy trying to find a new manager. On the 4th, coach Kim Sang-sik, who has led Jeonbuk since 2021, resigned. Sexual weakness was the reason. Jeonbuk fell down to 10th place. Performance wasn’t good either. Things were bad for slowstarting. To make matters worse, the pressure from the fans intensified, and there was no place to stand anymore. In the end, coach Kim, who had achieved many glory as a player, coach, and manager in Jeonbuk for 14 years, decided to leave Jeonbuk. He put down the baton. Jeonbuk immediately switched to head coach Kim Doo-hyun and acting system.

Jeonbuk promptly began to appoint a successor manager. Director Park Ji-sung stood at the fore. Director Park, who changed his title from advisor to director in September of last year, took on the role of overseeing the composition of the team beyond managing the existing youth team and establishing the club’s management philosophy. With the full support of the club, he led the recruitment of players from this winter. Director Park was actively involved in both recruitment and release. Unfortunately, the early grades were not very good. When manager Kim stepped down during the season, director Park took on the heavy responsibility of appointing a manager.

The strand about the new director was caught early. is a foreign director. Jeonbuk decided to go with a foreign coach rather than a domestic coach, which is bound to bring up many stories. Jeonbuk appointed Portuguese coach José Morais, who was the right-hand man of AS Roma coach José Mourinho, the ‘master’, after Choi Kang-hee, the coach who formed the Jeonbuk dynasty, left. Morais has won the league title in both 2019 and 2020.

What Jeonbuk wants is not just a foreign coach. He decided to draw as a common ‘named’. I decided to pick a director with a big name value. As Jeonbuk invests more than 45 billion won a year and has many national-level resources, the director also decided to go with a person suitable for him. For this, he even set an internal policy that he would not be bound by cost. As a result of the negotiations, if he is convinced that he is an indispensable coach for Jeonbuk, he is even considering bringing the division together. That’s why they are sincere about hiring a high-level coach.

News spread that Jeonbuk was looking for a foreign manager, and agents continued to contact them behind the scenes. It is rumored that they sent resumes of high-level coaches, but were rejected saying, “It’s not the level Jeonbuk wants.” First of all, it is known that there are many people who have a crush on the club Jeonbuk. It is known as a club that can invest in Asia’s top power, and it is known that there are quite a few star coaches who want to go to Jeonbuk.메이저놀이터

Director Park directly conducts the list selection, interviews, and negotiations. Director Park is currently staying in Europe. It is said that he has already been in contact with some directors. Currently, Director Park is holding a meeting after selecting candidates from the 1st to 4th ranks. An outline could come out this week at the earliest. However, as the Choi Kang-hee-Kim Sang-shik era is over and we are looking for a director who will definitely complete the generational shift, I think I will make a decision without haste. It may take more time than expected, as directors who are not savages but are incumbents are also in the candidate pool. As the appointment of Jeonbuk’s manager is a big variable that will change the airflow in the 2023 season, the football world is keenly aware.

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