I’m going UCL!…’New-Man’ is still strong, ‘Re-To-B’ is not easy

English Premier League (EPL) TOP4 fight is very fierce.

On the 8th (Korean time), the football statistics media ‘Transfer Markt’ highlighted the EPL TOP4 fight, saying, “Which team will play in the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) next season?”

It is a more intense flow than usual. Newcastle United (3rd, 65 points) backed by oil money, Manchester United (4th, 63 points) dreaming of a revival, Liverpool (5th, 62 points) running a last-minute spurt, Tottenham Hotspur (5th, 62 points) 6th place, 57 points), and Brighton (7th place, 55 points), who have played as many as two games less, are competing for the TOP4 spot.

‘Transfer Markt’ pointed out the league schedules that each club is facing. It is true that Newcastle and Manchester United have an advantage. Newcastle stands out against Leeds United and Leicester City, who have fallen into the relegation zone, and against Wolverhampton and Bournemouth, which are in the lower ranks, for Man United.

Liverpool and Tottenham, with only three games left, are in a situation where they have to hope other clubs slide. The match against Aston Villa, which caused a sensation after Unai Emery took office, is also difficult.

Brighton have a tough schedule ahead. It hurts the most to be defeated by Everton this morning. Brighton will face Arsenal, Newcastle and Manchester City in turn.스포츠토토

What about supercomputer predictions? The American data media ‘Pice Thirty Eight’ also predicted that Newcastle and Manchester United would defend the TOP4. If you look at the probability of advancing to UCL, the difference is stark. Newcastle reached a whopping 92%, and Manchester United was also highly rated at 79%.

On the other hand, the challengers were rated very low. Liverpool are 29%, Brighton are 1% and Tottenham are less than 1%. According to the rankings predicted by ‘Five Thirty Eight’, Newcastle and Manchester United will go to the UCL, Liverpool to the Europa League (UEL), and Brighton to the Europa Conference League (UECL).

The eventful 2022-23 season is already running towards the end. Attention is focusing on which club will win the UCL ticket for the ‘War of the Stars’ next season.

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