Park Chan-ho, who has a ‘muscular body’ reminiscent of Na Seong-beom, attempts to achieve a double-digit home run and steal for the first time in his debut

 Lee Ha-yan, wife of KIA Tigers infielder Park Chan-ho, recently posted a picture on her Instagram Story. 

In the photo, Park Chan-ho drew attention by posing while undressing. Mr. Lee Ha-yan added, “I must have worked so hard to get here.” Even at a glance, Park Chan-ho has transformed into an enormously muscular body. His body has changed to the point of being reminiscent of his teammates and Seong-beom. 

In the meantime, Park Chan-ho was far from his body. He was used to being skinny, but he changed his body to bulking up ahead of last season. He gained 5 kg of muscle mass through intense weight training. 

Manager Kim Jong-guk, who has watched Park Chan-ho since joining in 2015, expressed satisfaction, saying, “As I bulked up, the speed of hitting the ball increased 바카라 and the quality of the ball improved. The direction of the ball also diversified.” He also added, “I felt the bad parts of my experience for several years and tried myself. I know the patterns of opposing pitchers well. On the batting side, it feels completely different from Chan-ho Park until last year.” 

His bulk-up effect was obvious. Park Chan-ho hit 4 home runs last year, setting a new personal record for most home runs in a season. He had a batting average of 2.7 and 2.2, his highest since his debut. His doubles increased from 15 in 2021 to 22 last year, and his slugging percentage also rose from .3 1/3 to 3/4. 

Park Chan-ho’s goal is to become an offensive shortstop like LG coach Lee Jong-beom, a former Tigers legend. He once said, “Lee Jong-beom hit 30 home runs even though he was thinner than me (in 1997). I think his body helps him find the right timing.” 

Park Chan-ho transformed into a muscular body reminiscent of Na Seong-beom. It would be good to expect his first double-digit home runs and stolen bases in his debut this season.

His stealing ability was recognized enough to enjoy the joy of winning his first title in his debut by stealing bases 42 times last year. The key is the home run, but with the power that has changed from last year’s experience, it is expected that the number of hitting balls out of the fence will increase.

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