5 uncontracted free agents ended up not being able to get on a train flight… Now there are 15 days left, but there is no news of negotiations

Can’t the remaining 5 free agents finally get on the plane to spring camp?

With Shinbongi’s contract, the number of free agents unsigned has now been reduced to five. Shin Bong-ki was expected to sign a contract someday, as KT Wiz, the original club, presented the terms of the contract in December of last year. He was only curious about when to sign autographs.

In the meantime, there was no progress at all with the remaining 5 members, and in the end, even the new Bongi signed a contract, leaving only 5 members as they were. Now, about 15 days are left until the start of field training for the 10 teams. You have to sign a contract within 15 days to be able to leave for spring camp with your colleagues.

However, the possibility of their contract is low. No other news as of yet. First of all, the original club is not negotiating. This means that the team has no intention of signing a contract. There is a possibility of a sign-and-trade for Han Hyeon-hee, who needs to give 바카라사이트 20 protected players and one compensation player, and B-class Jeong Chan-heon, who needs compensation players even though the number of protected players increases to 25. But in order to trade, the cards have to match. And that card also needs to be tailored to the player’s negotiations with the club. Even if other teams want Han Hyeon-hee or Kwon Hee-dong and Jung Chan-heon, it is unclear whether the original team will accept them because they will offer a card that is inferior to a reward player.

Lee Myung-ki and Kang Ri-ho (Kang Yun-goo), who do not need compensation players, are more serious because it means that other teams are not interested at all.

Needing a free agent means that the team has what it needs. However, most of the 10 teams have now completed the composition of players due to free agent recruitment and release player contracts.

Now, it is highly likely that the five of them will have to wait for the team’s power to be punctured. In the spring camp, when a first-team player is suddenly injured or a player who has been pointed out does not show as much as expected, it is expected to find the remaining free agent.

Han Hyeon-hee, who can play both starting and bullpen positions, Jeong Chan-heon, a fifth starting pitcher, right-handed outfielder Kwon Hee-dong, left-handed bullpen pitcher Kang Ri-ho, and left-handed outfielder Lee Myeong-gi, who can hit, should wait for another team to find their position.

It is not easy to receive systematic training from the club. You have to be able to show off your skills right away when the team needs you by building a good body. The five uncontracted people need more training.

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